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Digging Deeper into the Great Crisis at OpenAI: Why Was Sam Altman Fired and Then Reinstated?

The world of technology is on the agenda, especially with the revolutionary developments of recent years. So naturally, all eyes are on these companies, especially technology enthusiasts. OpenAI, one of the companies that has been on the agenda lately, has no technological developments nor internal corporate chaos It doesn’t stop continuously.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, suddenly dismissal and the subsequent return was no ordinary management change. This incident brought to the surface long-simmering tensions within the company.

Let’s first look at the background of the events. OpenAI was originally founded as a non-profit company.

open ai

OpenAI, founded in 2015 by Sam Altman, Elon Musk and others a non-profit research laboratory He left like.

OpenAI, which started its activities with a very noble philosophy, uses artificial intelligence tools by putting its principles above making profits. to ensure the well-being of humanity was aiming.

However, developing and maintaining advanced AI models required large amounts of computing power It was expensive.

That’s actually it fuel tensions became an element…

We have said that developing this technology is expensive. Elon Musk’s departure from the board of directors meant that the company lost its financial resources.

Elon Musk and Sam Altman

After Elon Musk’s departure in 2018, OpenAI officials became aware of the need for funding and a year later Open AI LP They created a for-profit branch called.

Although this new organization was affiliated with a nonprofit, it created two distinct groups within the company: those who prioritized serving humanity and those who were funded by investor money. quickly establish market dominance Those who aim.

Although Sam Altman tried to find a balance, it didn’t last long.

Sam Altman

By gradually releasing new OpenAI tools, Sam Altman bridges the gap between for-profit and non-profit approaches. tried to balance

However, the great success of ChatGPT is Microsoft invests $13 billion This led to increasing tensions within the company.

After mounting tension, the board of directors summarily fired Altman. However, 702 of the company’s 770 employees They will resign if Altman is not brought back explained.

As a result of this pressure, a new board of directors was formed Altman returned as CEO.

Of course, under this pressure, those who work in a profit-oriented structure detail of the share distribution Let’s not leave without giving anything away. The company is 100% profit-oriented Because it will benefit those who own shares It’s no wonder they support Sam Altman, who wants the same thing they do.

So what will happen in the future? That’s the total uncertainty…

As a result, the new board of directors changed the company’s structure and mission. reevaluation took over his duties.

This gap between ideals and financing How will equilibrium be achieved? Can this split corporate structure really work? Or should OpenAI find a new path in shaping the future of artificial intelligence?

The answers to these questions lie not only in OpenAI, but also in the world of artificial intelligence. will shape your future.

Source: The Economist, Bruegel, CBNC

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