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I traveled abroad with the Galaxy S24 Ultra. I’d say Samsung’s AI is the ultimate co-pilot so you don’t miss a thing

When we covered Samsung’s latest powerful launch, the Galaxy S24 family, we learned: Comprehensive deployment of artificial intelligence A South Korean company. Galaxy AI was a call to deliver new top-notch hardware with justifications in software given the massive rise of artificial intelligence last year.

Samsung doesn’t need ChatGPT to convince us that, on paper, the functions their most advanced phones pack are the most logical implementation of AI in a smartphone that we know of (examples like the curious Rabbit R1 are excluded). We went to review it in the Black Forest in Germany and I can say that it lived up to expectations without going too far. This was the experience.

Language barrier is (almost) no problem on Galaxy AI

The most notable functions include those related to: interpretation and translation: Live Translation and Translator are two superior tools. To be honest, in some cases it is clear that they have a long way to go, as we will see later, but they are already useful.

Galaxy AI

The first of those mentioned is that we got used to communicating with the natives of the German country to confirm reservations without speaking German (it would not be bad, although we could defend ourselves with these functions). When the interlocutor answers the call, he is warned that the conversation is with: intermediary responsible for translation.

Herein lies its real disadvantage, and it has a difficult solution: We are not used to a robot starting to alert us about recorded conversations. In the first case, most people will immediately hang up the call. Thinking carefully, I can say that a little out of habit: Artificial intelligence has just emerged and is closely linked to scams and scams.

Galaxy AI

However, if they accept the call and continue, the function achieves its purpose. We need to take turns speaking and we will see the transcription and translation of the messages on the screen (in addition to hearing it in synthetic voice), It just seems like magic.. For it to work, you need to download the Spanish package and the target language, and the best thing is that the data does not leave our mobile phone. So, if we do not have an internet connection, it will continue to work, which is an extremely useful thing.

The second function is interpreter, focuses on face to face. And this solves the challenges quite well: during a challenge in the city of Freiburg, we managed to understand each other with several people to whom we asked different questions.

Galaxy AI Translator

Again, something interesting is happening here, and that is the obvious – at the same time logical – lack of habit of using such functions. At each step you have to wait for one of the interlocutors to speak, so it does not happen immediately. Even so, as I said, understanding each other with anyone can serve the process very well. list of supported languages This is what we need with the function.

‘Search circle’ is your travel encyclopedia

Among other features of Galaxy AI, we were also able to derive a lot of benefits from ‘Search Circle’ coming to the S24 in alliance with Google. Every day of my journey I was surrounded by mountains, churches, rivers and every natural or artificial feature worth its salt.

Like this? You may be wondering. The answer is simple, We obtain all kinds of information surrounding what the camera sees.: That we besieged a church? It tells us what happened and where it is (useful during travels). Can’t we remember the name of a monument? A circle drawn with your finger will be enough to identify it.

Environment to Search

The possibilities are nearly endless; In fact, during a hiking event it was possible to identify the variety of plants and trees in the area just by pointing your mobile phone. And activation It couldn’t be more useful: In case you don’t know, it’s as quick as holding down the Android gesture bar and within a second the screen will light up, letting you know that ‘Search Circle’ has arrived.

Galax Ai Flores

As a result, when applied to another trip, it will allow us to find our place, as well as get all kinds of information, without having to use GPS and Google Maps. What surrounds us will always be under control, could never be said better. As we continued our journey, we identified different types of trees, and at the end of the route, Google and Samsung technology were able to tell me the name of the bridge in front of my eyes.

Circle To Call S24

Even though we’re committed to this, it’s still a bit surprising what these AI advances are allowing, especially in the world of smartphones. It’s just begun: It is the beginning of a suite of tools that will become increasingly better integrated.

Voice recorder has huge potential with S Pen features and text recognition

Galaxy Ai Voice to Text Recorder

Finally, I do not forget two applications that turned out to be very practical and are included in the latest version of the Samsung layer, One UI 6.1: voice recorder and image gallery. You might be thinking, how do I use them to give them so much importance?

Let me explain: Voice recorder includes AI functions that allow you to: convert audio to text (it must be said that he does this quite precisely) and it doesn’t stop there. It also extracts a summary of the transcription’s highlights and magically translates it into your native language with the click of a button.

Honestly the operation is very simple This depends largely on what the microphone is detecting.. Some difficulties occur in noisy environments, which affects the transcribed text and therefore the translation to some extent. You really can’t ask for more; In fact, this function is designed to be used in situations where mobile microphones are more convenient.

Galaxy AI Image

This is very important and I don’t want to leave without mentioning the S Pen.The digital pen on the Galaxy S24 Ultra allowed me to conveniently manage text, move it to the notes app, and keep a complete record of my recorded conversations. It’s not a tool for everyone, but those who work with text on a mobile phone will find it very useful.

I’m now stopping expanding to make room for the Samsung gallery. The magic of the app is that image recognition and is capable of identifying elements such as text (we now leave out the ‘Circle for search’ mentioned above, which is functional from any corner). So, if I forget to use the Google function to learn something about my surroundings at the moment, like translating a sign, I can do that. a posteriori.

Image Recognition

Also in the gallery, magic editor. It’s nothing new for Galaxy AI, and it doesn’t focus on productivity either, but it’s worth mentioning. Owning such powerful cameras requires great responsibility, and it is not nice to have a photo ruined by a stranger’s invasion.

Google’s similar object eraser does what it promises: it removes people from the photos we take, and even fill background with sufficient solvency. Sometimes you may notice a small artifact, nothing out of the ordinary.

Galaxy AI Editor

In short, on a journey where we needed a co-pilot to help us understand and get along with everything that surrounds us, Samsung’s artificial intelligence turned out to be what it is. most practical. It’s incredible to look back at a time not so long ago when we carried around a paper map and dictionary. At least for me this is over.

After this short but intense journey, we reach the end. Before we started, I had my doubts about the possibilities of the artificial intelligence that appeared in the Galaxy S24. Now that I’m back, I guess came to stay and I get lost in the endless aspects it will have in the not too distant future.

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