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NVIDIA releases a new beta version of the NVIDIA app

This week’s edition of AI Decoded, NVIDIA’s weekly blog series, Today we focus on the news announced by the company at Computex 2024, and due to its practical application, we will focus on the NVIDIA App, for which it announced and released a new beta version, which is now available to all people who are interested in trying it. We will see it in detail later, but in this sense I can say that I have already tested it and I have not noticed any problems, even though it is a beta version.

As we already told you last Sunday, There are many of them and they are very interesting., the news announced by the green giant, which once again demonstrates its capacity for innovation in everything related to artificial intelligence. In summary, let’s recall the most remarkable announcements from Jensen Huang’s keynote.

  • New RTX AI notebooks from ASUS and MSI, with advanced AI capabilities and will receive a free upgrade to a Copilot+ PC when available.
  • RTX Video SDKwith Davinci Resolve and Wondershare Filmora integration
  • VLC Media Player added RTX Video HDR in its latest beta version, which joins a list of compatible browsers that includes Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox
  • RTX Remix Toolkit will become open source, together with a new and powerful REST API, will speed up and facilitate the remastering of classic games.
  • Womp, a 3D modeling platform, is the latest creative application to incorporate DLSS 3.5 with beam reconstruction.
  • The G-Assist projectyour artificial intelligence assistant for PC games and applications.
  • RTX AI Toolkitwhich accelerates the development and deployment of artificial intelligence models.
  • NVIDIA beta update.

As soon as there are developments regarding these announcements, we will keep you updated and I personally hope that we can do so sooner rather than later, about the G-Assist projectan AI-based digital assistant that specializes in everything related to gaming, from optimal settings for a smooth gaming experience to the first steps you should take in a particular game.

That’s the future, so let’s go back to the present to focus on NVIDIA App, a unified control center which the company introduced at the beginning of the year and which already in its first version provided users of corporate graphics adapters with much more than the recommended features (both in its desktop and mobile versions).

Now with new versionwhich you can download here (although it’s also available as an update from the app itself if you already have the previous version), adds some notable new features, which we’ll go over below.

NVIDIA releases a new beta version of the NVIDIA app

One-click performance management and GPU optimization

There are many users who would like to get more out of their graphics cards/adapters, but this is not always easy, and getting it wrong can have fatal consequences. However, in this new beta version of the NVIDIA application, in the System > Performance section, we can find in addition to real-time system information automatic adjustment function, which we can activate with a single click and which, after performing a complete system analysis, identifies the most suitable configuration for safe GPU overclocking. However, keep in mind that the tests may take 10 to 20 minutes, and it is recommended that you do not use your computer during this time.

Although this automatic configuration mode will always provide optimal settings, even advanced users have the option manually adjust some parametersdepending on your preferences (for example, if you want the fan speed to not exceed a certain limit to avoid noise).

Overclocking with the NVIDIA app is completely safe. It is true, and the company itself points out that artifacts can be generated on the screen and even that the system can become unstable, but the automatic adjustment will in no way damage the GPU or void the device’s warranty.

AV1 video recording at 120 frames per second

There are many reasons why we might be interested in recording a video of what is displayed on our screen, from preparing a video tutorial to publicly sharing our expertise (or lack thereof, in my case) in a particular game. And one of the new features that came with the GeForce RTX 40 generation was NVIDIA 8th Generation Encoders (NVENC)which represent a huge quantitative difference in real-time AV1 video encoding, which NVIDIA users of this generation have already been able to enjoy.

Now with the new beta version of the NVIDIA App, we find an important news that users are now offered the option record AV1 encoded video at 120 frames per second, something previously only possible with H.264. Configuration settings for video capture properties are done from the NVIDIA overlay. And what is this improvement reflected in? You can see it for yourself in the Horizon Forbidden West video shown above this section.

New NVIDIA overlay

If you’re an NVIDIA graphics adapter user, then you already know that the overlay (Alt+Z) provides instant access from anywhere to several key software features. With the first beta version of the NVIDIA App, a completely redesigned overlay debuted, which adds improvements in this new version:

  • Improved photo mode that now makes it easier to use filters.
  • Now, to exit overlay mode, just click outside of it.
  • Added GPU information to stats section.

Source: Muy Computer



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