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There are Android games that promise to make money. We put them to the test

The normal thing is that we have to pay to be able to play games on our mobile phone, but the opposite is also true: Some games promise to pay us just to play. Although there are examples of people actually behaving this way, you should not trust these promises: most of these games are scams. We tested them to find out.

Turn on the phone, install a game, have hours of fun and finally get rewarded for all the free time we spent playing games. Sounds nice, right? Developers know this, there are many games on the Google Play Store that promise getting paid just to play. Just call «win game» Thus, a multitude of consequences emerge, many promising the same thing: amassing small fortunes by falling into bad habits. Let’s see what they actually have.

«Earn real money just for playing»

Games Play with Ball

The promise of these games is especially remarkable for those who can earn extra income. Because if they’re still going to play with their Androids, why can’t they get paid for it?

There are many examples of such games on Google Play. We’ve tried a few and the mechanics are generally the same in all of them:

  • Download the game (or gaming platform) from Google Play.
  • Open the installed application: usually They usually give welcome coins.
  • They ask for permission to use access: This way they monitor that the game is actually being used.
  • The app usually records times, progress, scores and wins from the game itself.
  • The conversion of time into currencies is often very unstable: it takes hours to obtain virtual money. And these virtual currencies turn into ridiculous amounts of real money: About 10 to 20 hours to get about five euros. It’s easier to get this amount in the beginning because these apps try to hook you so you can continue (the first one is free, you know).
  • Depending on the game, payments may be collected quickly or may take several days. And you shouldn’t trust this either: the platform may suddenly disappear It leaves users hanging.

Game genres are generally casual and geared towards quick play, but often have a hook that forces you to constantly return to the game to maintain both progress and money earned (in game currency and converted to real currency). They usually pay per accumulated game hour, including for quests. And every time very very small amounts: You need to play almost 24 hours a day to make any profit.

There are games that actually pay to play, but the amounts are minimal and require you to accumulate dozens of hours to get a small amount

Trade-ins occur when the user has a minimum accumulated amount and normally through gift vouchers (like Amazon) and payments via PayPal. Usually the minimum is 5/10 euros or dollars; often equivalent to thousands of virtual currencies. If you want to make some profit, and although there is no real guarantee that this will happen, you need to play constantly.

Some games that actually pay to play. Not much

Games Play with Ball

Our advice is to not succumb to the temptation and keep such applications away from your Android: not only are the quality of the games often questionable, They’ll force you to be careful all day You want to save enough money to get paid.

What triggers your curiosity? We’ve chosen three reliable enough options to get you started. Although remember this: There is no guarantee of making a lot of moneyEspecially in the medium and long term.

  • misplay. It is a platform with many casual games that offer money depending on how long you play. Here it is.
  • game. Another gaming platform that gives you money for the hours you spend playing. There are also extra rewards like spinning the wheel. Available on Google Play.
  • Play time. It works pretty well, although it can cause problems with cumulative payments. Like its predecessors, it is a casual pay-to-play gaming platform. Here.

Conclusion: If you want to make money, do not invest your time in games that promise to give you money.

It is true that you may get paid, if you accumulate all the platforms and play throughout the day you will definitely make some money, but it will always be a profit. Minimum reward for tremendous effort. The games are generally of poor quality and are games you would only play if you were paid to do so. So we don’t think these apps deserve such an investment in your time, which is the most valuable thing you can give.

Never be confident when you see an app charging you to use it: While you may have already seen that it doesn’t have to be a scam, the truth is There is a lot of fraud in this area. It’s better to enjoy good games even if you have to pay for them yourself.

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