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Now you can create your own stickers using Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer is the software giant’s AI-based design application allows you to create any image at the touch of a button call and that it actually works with the same engine (DALL-E 3) of Bing Image Creator, Copilot, etc. And yes, you can now use it to create your own stickers.

Microsoft Designer was released in late 2022, but did so in a very limited way, only for certain users. However, it was only over a year ago that the app opened its testing period to all Microsoft users. And there it remains: in open beta, available to anyone with a Microsoft account.

What’s new now, as reported on the Microsoft 365 Insider blog, is that Microsoft Designer has added a new feature: creating stickersthese images that have become so popular in messaging apps, social networks, etc. The direct translation would be “stickers”, but the truth is that in their design and use, they are closer to icons, emoticons or emoji, whatever.

They are commonly known as stickers and that is what we call them. Now you might be wondering how stickers are different from another image generated by Microsoft Designer, and the answer is: because they are images in PNG format, with transparent background and variable size. Example below.

Stickers with Microsoft Designer

In this case, I asked Microsoft Designer to create a “logo for a tech news site called MC in the style of Fallout with red as the predominant color” and from the results it gave me (depending on the image there could be one , two , three or four ) I’ll give you the one I liked the most. If you look closely, it has some details that could be improved, but it’s not bad.

As with all these AIs, everything is trying until you find it call appropriate… and that the AI ​​has it right, that’s another one. Be that as it may, Microsoft Designer will understand you if you say it in English, or if you say it in Spanish, Catalan… It’s worth pointing out because it wasn’t like that until a while ago, it only responded in English.

Otherwise, if you don’t pay, you will have the usual 15 daily credits in Copilot / Bing Image Creator (15 attempts to create), as you have the same image creation limitations. If you want to try creating your own sticker maker with Microsoft Designer, don’t go the usual way: do it via URL designer.microsoft.com/sticker-creator. And there are no more.

Source: Muy Computer



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