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Transformation from a small pizzeria to a global empire: the impressive success story of Domino’s Pizza

The story of Domino’s Pizza, full of innovation and determination, began in 1960 in Michigan. in a small pizzeria starting.

The foundations of Domino’s Pizza, which would become a global giant in the following years, were laid by Tom Monaghan and his brother James. “Domi Nick’s” He started his career with the purchase of a store called.

They open 12 branches in 5 years, but problems arise because the brothers’ views are very different from each other!


They opened after the third branch “Domino’s Pizza” brand is founded. The three dots in the logo symbolized the three branches they had at the time.

In fact, it’s not easy at all in the first few years! Because while Tom wants to expand the company and branch out across the country, James is small and… remain a local restaurant want to.

As a result of these disagreements, although Tom and James Monaghan embarked on this journey together, James leaves after a while.

Tom, who had to inherit his brother James’ shares take on a huge debt He tries to keep the restaurant running.

The importance of fast and hot delivery caught the attention of Tom Monaghan and he became one of the first pizza restaurants to offer home delivery.

domino's pizza

Monaghan was determined to grow with an innovative approach. For this reason, distinguishing yourself from competitors is both home delivery service It developed and did this by focusing on fast and warm delivery.

Thanks to Monaghan’s visionary approach, Domino’s Pizza began franchising new locations in the 1970s. to grow quickly continues.

In 1973, the campaign that turned Dominos into Domino’s was unveiled. “If it doesn’t arrive within 30 minutes, your pizza is free!” campaign!

Under Monaghan’s leadership, Domino’s innovates ahead of its time.

Such as home delivery, order tracking, free pizza promotion if not delivered within half an hour. visionary movements He leads Domino’s Pizza to success.

Monaghan in 1998 by retiring Transfers Domino’s Pizza to Bain Capital.

After Tom Monaghan, Domino’s Pizza does not compromise on its innovative vision and becomes a global giant.


Although there were some problems in 2000, Domino’s Pizza continued its success, from recipes to distribution network. integral change and improvement process and recover from this situation.

By investing in different areas, especially digital technologies, to improve their services They seem to have a purpose.

So Domino’s Pizza, Monaghan’s view It continues its activities today with the same approach, without losing the image of an innovative brand in its sector.

Source: Medium, Domino’s

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