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What to expect from WWDC 2024

We’re just over 24 hours away from the kick off for WWDC 2024 as of this report, Apple’s annual developer convention, where these professionals will have the opportunity for 4 days to get up-to-date information on the entire Apple ecosystem and adapt their development to get the most out of new features. . And we are talking about a meeting aimed at 95% professionals.

But there’s a 5% that’s by far the one that’s generating the most interest, and that’s that the convention’s opening keynote has for years been devoted to big announcements aimed at everyone, not just developers, and that this year will be no exception. Of course, if in previous years the hardware was the absolute highlight, this time it is quite clear to us that the weight will fall on the other side of the scales, i.e. in the software and features that depend on it. And, you know, especially about artificial intelligence.

This is nothing new, signals have been sent from Cupertino for many months, more or less clear, referring to the importance artificial intelligence will gain in Apple’s ecosystem. From Tim Cook’s statement to more or less subtle winks, such as Greg Joswiak, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, who defined the event as ONdefinitely YeahUnbelievable, what a coincidence, AI, as artificial intelligence in English.

Will we see any new hardware?

Analysts, leaks, and “rumors” all agree that this is not the casethat any news we’ll see at WWDC 2024’s opening keynote will be limited to Apple’s operating systems, software and services, which has been hard at work in recent months, especially after the Apple Vision Pro was completed, so if you’re most interested in the devices , chances are you’ll find this presentation a little disappointing.

Now we’re talking about Apple, so there’s always room for surprises. Let’s remember that last month they surprised us, introduces the Apple M4 chips for the iPad Pro. Could we see any devices being updated to adopt the company’s latest silicon? It’s not in swimming pools, but we can’t completely rule it out either. So let’s say the probability is pretty low, but not zero.

On the other hand, and especially given that its numbers are weakening quite a bit in the United States, there is also the possibility that Apple will use this WWDC 2024 to announces the jump to the international market Apple Vision Pro. Specifically, its arrival is expected in Canada, as well as in several European and Asian countries, which corresponds to rumors that those in charge of some Apple Stores have already received instructions to prepare the aforementioned spaces for the installation of browser test points.

What to expect from WWDC 2024

Apple Intelligence

Just a few days ago it was leaked that the name chosen by those from Cupertino to group together all the AI-based features that they are going to add to their ecosystem will be called ONapple Yeahntelligence (yes, AI again, they won’t give a stitch without a thread). As we have already told you, since there have been new leaks in this regard, we will find new features in many of the company’s star products, and although they are not particularly revolutionary (other technologies have an advantage in this regard), it seems that a good first contact, waiting for further development next year, when its dependence on OpenAI will be reduced.

So these are the new features we hope to see in the WWDC 2024 opening keynote:

  • Apple Music– Automatically generated playlists and smarter transitions between tracks.
  • AppleNews– AI generated summaries of news articles.
  • Health– New features based on artificial intelligence.
  • Keynote and Pages– AI-based features to automatically generate slides in Keynote, text in Pages, and more.
  • Post– Categorization of incoming e-mails, suggested e-mail replies, summaries of e-mail threads and help with writing texts.
  • News– Suggested replies, custom emoticons and message summaries.
  • Grades– Audio recording tool and integrated audio transcriptions.
  • Notification– AI generated notification summaries.
  • Photos– Intelligent and automatic photo retouching using AI.
  • Safari– A navigation assistant that can summarize web pages.
  • Siri– A smarter version of Siri inspired by ChatGPT with more control over apps and their actions.
  • reflector– Smarter search results and better rankings.
  • voice notes: audio transcripts.

As you can see, we are talking about a deployment of AI-based features that is quite cross-cutting, with features for the major operating systems, for some of their most important applications, both desktop and iOS/macOS, and of course for services like Apple Music and Apple News (in the latter case, of course, only for markets where it is already available).

What to expect from WWDC 2024

Is there life outside artificial intelligence?

The epicenter of AI, but not everything is AI. Not much, but we also expect some new developments that do not depend on trendy technologies. These are the most notable:

  • Apple passwords: As we told you a few days ago, Apple will introduce its own password manager called “Apple Passwords” during WWDC 2024. This manager will compete with others like 1Password or LastPass and will work with iCloud Keychain to store and sync passwords. between Manzana facilities. The service would allow users to log into websites, generate strong passwords, store them securely, and import passwords from third-party services. Apple Passwords would be deeply integrated with iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, and is expected to be free and available for those operating systems as well as Windows.
  • Calculator: The Calculator app for iPhone and Mac could be getting a big update. The app is expected to integrate with the Notes app, offer improved unit conversions and a sidebar showing recent activity. The Calculator app would also come to iPadOS.
  • News: Apple is expected to finally introduce Rich Communications Service (RCS) in the Messages app with iOS 18. This update would greatly improve messaging between iOS and Android devices.
  • System settings in macOS 15: Apple is said to be reorganizing the System Settings app in macOS 15 based on the importance and priority of different categories. The General tab is expected to have a more prominent position, while Sound and Notifications could be placed below. A new design is also expected for the Siri icon in the menu bar, which would be flat and monochrome.

It is worth remembering that we are talking about rumors and leaks, which is something quite common when we talk about Apple. So we won’t be sure what they have in store for us until the WWDC 2024 opening keynote is finished and of course we’ll give you full details about it during the event.

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