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MuyComputer’s Best Content of the Week (CDXXIII)

We end Sunday with a compilation the best content which we at MC published during the week and which you can see at a glance in this selection with the most relevant one:

AMD Ryzen 9000, specs, performance and everything you need to know. The Sunnyvale giant has introduced Ryzen 9000, a new generation of high-performance processors with which AMD has strengthened its commitment to the mainstream consumer market. These new processors use the Zen 5 architecture and generally represent an interesting evolution compared to the Ryzen 7000.

Zenbook S 16ASUS at Computex 2024: Everything for artificial intelligence with Zenbook S 16 as the star. The Zenbook S 16 was the star device at the Always Incredible event, which ASUS organized to showcase its new solutions at Computex 2024 and complement its offering for the Copilot+ PC platform.

Intel Lunar Lake caseIntel Lunar Lake, specs, architecture, performance and everything you need to know. On May 20, we shared with you some of the most exciting news about Intel Lunar Lake, the chip giant’s new generation of low-power processors for notebooks and compact PCs. We knew that very important things were waiting to be done and that we would not have to wait long to discover them, because Intel finally told us about them at Computex 2024.

ASUS ROGASUS ROG deploys technology at Computex.
ASUS ROG, a brand specializing in high-performance solutions from the Taiwanese company, presented a wide range of new products at Computex, which aim to offer gamers the best experience, whether on the go or on the desktop. . In addition to pocket gaming machines or portable computers, they offer us the most modern peripherals.

Corsair shines at Computex 2024Corsair shines at Computex 2024. Corsair’s was one of those Computex 2024 entries we were looking forward to seeing with great interest, as the California tech company never disappoints at the Taipei show. And as we expected, it surprised us again with its new features.

Samsung is renewing its Odyssey OLED, Smart Monitor and ViewFinity monitor familiesSamsung is renewing its Odyssey OLED, Smart Monitor and ViewFinity monitor families. Samsung has refreshed its flagship Odyssey as well as the ViewFinity and Smart Monitor families. So we find a total of 10 new models, each with a different size. Here we tell you all about them.

anonymous modeHow to use incognito mode to browse the internet and improve privacy. Incognito mode is a feature aimed at improving user privacy and security that is supported by all web browsers today. A temporary private browsing session that does not share data with the browser, does not store website information, browsing history, web cache, passwords, form information, cookies or other website data, deleting these or other temporary files when we end the session.

Relive the Normandy landings on your PCRelive the Normandy landings on your PC. On the occasion of the eightieth anniversary of one of the key operations of the Second World War, we review some of the computer games with which you can try to recreate the Allied feat and in some cases also try to repel it if you play with the opposing side.

Copilot Windows 11Artificial intelligence turned Windows 11 into next-generation Windows, why not Windows 12? The meteoric rise of artificial intelligence is changing the way we use our PCs. The implementation of this technology in Windows 11 was crucial in this sense, because it opens up a new world full of possibilities and turned the mentioned operating system into such an important evolution that it could become Windows 12.

Star Wars: The AcolyteVOD News 23/24: ‘The Acolyte’, another Star Wars story.
VOD News brings you the best premieres of the week on Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, SkyShowtime… And as you can see, we’re going back to the stars with Star Wars: The Acolyte… And a little different. Much more actually, but…

GeForce RTX 5090GeForce RTX 5090, possible specs, performance, release date and price. The GeForce RTX 5090 will be NVIDIA’s next high-end graphics card for the general consumer market, and all indications are that it will represent a significant leap over the GeForce RTX 4090, both in terms of raw rasterization and ray tracing performance. and in terms of efficiency, thanks to the improvements that the Blackwell architecture will bring and the use of GDDR7 memory.

What to expect from WWDC 2024What to expect from WWDC 2024. Hours before Apple’s annual developer conference kicks off, we’re rounding up all the rumors and leaks that have surfaced so far to try and catch up on what they’ll show us in their inaugural keynote.

More MC content you shouldn’t miss

In addition to the previous selection, the week has given a lot and we can highlight a few other articles that we think you will enjoy, such as:

  • ASUS introduces its new (and much improved) ROG Ally X portable console.
  • AMD Ryzen AI 300, “the ultimate in AI computing.”
  • Qualcomm is preparing the leap of Snapdragon
  • MSI Claw 8 AI Plus, the first portable console with Intel Lunar Lake.
  • Raspberry Pi will not escape the AI ​​phenomenon.
  • Google Gemini App and Assistant for Android now in Spain.
  • How to use Windows 10 File Explorer in Windows 11, no tricks.
  • Spain bans minors from accessing loot boxes.
  • NVIDIA releases a new beta version of the NVIDIA app.
  • GIGABYTE introduces the AORUS Gen5 14000 SSD, the fastest on the market.
  • Motorola introduces the Moto Edge 2024 for the premium mid-range.
  • Kingston launches CAMM2 memory.
  • NotebookLM adds new features and comes to Spain.
  • Google is buying Cameyo to run Windows apps on ChromeOS.
  • MSI is updating its line of notebooks with the latest chips from Intel and AMD.
  • Microsoft surprises with the first beta version for Windows 10 from 2021.
  • Fortunately, Microsoft is fixing this with Recall.
  • Apple Intelligence, Apple’s AI for WWDC 2024.
  • Lossless Scaling 2.9 can triple the FPS speed in games.
  • Free Games & Deals: Marvel’s Midnight Suns, STAR WARS…
  • GOG.com sets a limit of 200 MB for each game.
  • What we know about the Motorola Razr 50.

Other TPNET articles you may be interested in

If MC is a consumer portal, you know that our parent company TPNET offers other websites dedicated to business, professionals, SMEs and channels, in addition to those specialized in security and Linux. We’ll leave you with a selection of the best published content that you might be interested in:

  • Everything you need (and want) to know about Windows Recall.
  • Kali Linux 2024.2 is getting ready for release in 2038.
  • Typology of cyber attacks: history tends to repeat itself.
  • All-in-one router with Zyxel cyber security.
  • Does your company trust artificial intelligence?

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