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WhatsApp video calls are better than ever with these four new features coming today


WhatsApp just announced a series improvements for your video callsThese new features bring WhatsApp closer to more serious video conferencing alternatives like Zoom, both on mobile devices and in the Windows and Mac apps.

WhatsApp video calls develop on four fronts– Supports up to 32 participants across all platforms, allows audio sharing when sharing the screen, automatically highlights the person speaking, and uses a new in-house codec to improve audio quality on slow connections.

This is how WhatsApp video calls are improving

WhatsApp made a series of announcements News about WhatsApp video callsWe already knew about some of these new features, both group and individual, and in both the mobile apps and WhatsApp Desktop for Windows and Mac, but they now need to be enabled for everyone.

Perhaps the most important innovation is that WhatsApp now supports it. 32 participants in video calls across all devices, in mobile and desktop applications. WhatsApp for Windows has welcomed 32 participants into its beta since last year and is now available to everyone.


We also learned something new: Ability to share audio while sharing the screen, something that makes it easier for us to use WhatsApp to give presentations and even watch movies and TV series with our friends. Now everyone can do this.

WhatsApp during video call automatically highlight the person speakingIt’s something we found in many similar apps, but it was still missing from WhatsApp.

Finally, Meta is WhatsApp’s implements the new MLow codec This promises clearer audio even in case of poor connection, less noise and echo interference, and higher resolution video calls with a good connection.

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