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Rockstar Games shared the details of the GTA VI development


Rockstar Games announced at the beginning of the year that it is working on the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series. Since then, many guesses and rumors about the game have appeared on the Internet.

But finally, it’s time to hear what the developers have to say about the project. Not a lot of information and not a lot of details.

Representatives of the game studio stated that they have been developing GTA VI for the past few years. They also admitted that they are aware of the level of players’ expectations:

In recent years, we have paid more and more attention to the work on the new part of the GTA, we have collected the maximum amount of resources for it, and every year this number is only growing. We are aware that we must not only meet the expectations of the players but exceed them.

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So be aware that the company is refusing to further support the Red Dead Online mode. At one time, this decision caused a huge wave of anger among the players.

We will remind you that insiders have previously said that the full announcement of the new GTA could happen as early as the III quarter of 2022. The game itself should be released in 2024.

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