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They will see you better! Xiaomi offers augmented reality glasses with camera and translator in real time

We all know that Xiaomi produces mobile phones, robot vacuum cleaners, electric scooters and even toothbrushes. But brand knows no boundariesand after confirming the list with all mobile phones for this year, Xiaomi has launched its augmented reality glasses in China.

These glasses are somewhat similar to Google Glass, a project of the tech giant that has yet to be realized. But it seems It’s a good time for Xiaomi to fully enter this worldbecause the glasses came after Facebook tried it with them.

Xiaomi Mijia Glasses Camera: more than glasses

Although a priori they look like glasses with a camera on the left and a lens on the right, the reality is that the technical specifications of these glasses are little enough to envy a mobile device.

It has an octa-core Snapdragon processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 1,020mAh battery with 10W magnetic charging… also the screen on which the content is displayed was made by Sony. , and this is a panel Micro LED with 3,000 nits maximum brightness (max 1,800) and 3,281 pixel density.

Mijia Glasses Camera

If you’re wondering if it can be recorded in first person, the answer is yes, because Mijia Glasses Camera has two cameras: The first is a 50 MP main sensor, the second is an 8 MP periscope sensor with 15x zoom and optical image stabilization. These cameras offer the option to go back to take a photo up to 10 seconds before you press the button.

Their design isn’t quite as sneaky as Ray-Bans, which are basically glasses with a ‘hidden’ camera in one corner. Xiaomi takes all this to the next level and cancel the simulation completely. Of course, twice the Meta managed to weigh exactly 100g, but in Xiaomi’s favor we will say that it is full of features and functions.

Mijia Glasses Camera 2

In addition to the cameras and screen, where you can see the content in augmented reality, Mijia Glasses Camera, smart real time translator this will show us on the screen what our interlocutor is saying, but currently only available in English to Chinese and vice versa.

Conditional for sale in China

Xiaomi’s new augmented reality glasses are available through Youpin, a patronage website, where they can be purchased for 2,699 yuan, around €390. It’s still early to talk about usability outside of China, but it’s a good step towards mixed reality. definitely well received by all Xiaomi fans.

Source | equal leaks

Source: Mundo Xiaomi



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