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The market is shrinking, but Samsung is increasing cell phone sales in Europe

The European smartphone market is going through hard times, but it looks like Samsung “went against the current.” While the mobile phone segment in the region continued to decline in the second quarter of 2022, the South Korean manufacturer was able to increase its shipments compared to last year.

01/08/2022 at 16:30

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According to industry observers and analysts, the smartphone market in Europe has reached lowest quarterly shipments since Q2 2020. The segment fell 11% in just one year.

However, on the contrary, Samsung improved its performance compared to last year by 9%, and also overcame some setbacks compared to the previous quarter. In the second quarter of 2022, the company held a 32% market share in Europe, exceeding 27% in 2021.

With these results, she overcame Apple (24%), xiaomi (19%), Oppo (5%), Indeed (3%) and other OEMs combined. Between April and June there were about 13 million cell phones soldwhich is 1 million units more than in the same period last year.

Other manufacturers that have improved their position in the European smartphone market are Apple and Indeedaccording to quarterly report counterpoint. They grew by 3% and 21% respectively. However, both Samsung and the Apple company suffered quarterly losses due to the withdrawal from Russia.

Market analysts believe that the situation in Europe will remain difficult for some time and recovery will not be easy. However, there is hope that “the bottom has been reached and soon the trajectory should rise.”

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