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Salesforce introduces LLM benchmark for CRM

With its first LLM benchmark, Salesforce wants to support...

Microsoft Office: iPad version expands Apple Pencil support

beta version Microsoft Office per iOS as well as iPadOS was released last week and the features offered may be of interest to ecosystem users who want to use the traditional toolbox. Now it will be possible to select texts in ipad and not iPhone, a simple feature that didn’t exist yet and was in high demand. already in surpass new functions for working with text and arrays became available – TEXTBEFORE, TEXTAFTER and TEXTSPLIT. as well as EXPAND, TAKE, DROP, VSTACK, HSTACK, CHOOSEROWS, CHOOSECOLS, TOROW, TOCOL, WRAPROWS and WRAPCOL).

(loans: insider office)

leaving for Mobile officenow compatible with scribble from apple pencil. For those who don’t know, with this tool you can convert into fully editable text what is written on the screen manually. Support expands to Power point, word as well as surpass. Apple ecosystem enthusiasts already had an idea of ​​what was in store for them, but now it’s officialand arrived at App Storeentitled version 2.64including an explanation of all aspects and improvements.

iOS Release Notes

Check out some of the official explanations provided by Microsoft at Office Insider Release Notes:

  • Power point

Highlight any text on your iPhone or iPad

You asked for it! You can now highlight text in any text box, table, or shape on a PowerPoint slide. You can also undo any selections made by other people (this was previously not possible on iOS). To access the highlight feature on iPhone, simply select the text you want to highlight and click the Highlight button in the context bar above the keyboard. To try it out on your iPad, you can click on the highlight option on the ribbon under the Home tab.

  • surpass

New text and matrix functions

We’ve added 14 new text and matrix functions to help you clutter your spreadsheets. New text functions include TEXTBEFORE, TEXTAFTER, SPLITTEXT. New array functions include EXPAND, CATCH, DROP, VSTACK, PILEH, CHOOSELINS, CHOOSECOLS, PARALIN, PARACOL, CRACKERS, and CRACKERS.

Continuation after commercial

  • Mobile office

Convert handwriting to text with Apple Pencil and handwriting

Office Mobile now supports Apple’s handwriting tool, allowing you to convert handwriting to text in Office creations. This new feature lets you insert and edit text in a document, presentation, or spreadsheet on your iPad using your Apple Pencil. To use this feature, tap Settings > Apple Pencil, turn on the Handwriting switch, and then tap the Handwriting switch on the Drawing tab.

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Source: Insider.Office.com, Maketecheasier.com


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Salesforce introduces LLM benchmark for CRM

With its first LLM benchmark, Salesforce wants to support...

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Salesforce introduces LLM benchmark for CRM

With its first LLM benchmark, Salesforce wants to support companies in their search for the right LLM for their CRM systems. Salesforce launches the world's...


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