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To free up space in Google services step by step

A guide to freeing up space in Google services.  (Photo: tuexperto.com)
A guide to freeing up space in Google services. (Photo: tuexperto.com)

save Google is shared between Google Drive, gmail i Google Photos. You can log in to see how much space is available save Within the settings, or enter this link.

“You have no storage space. Soon you won’t be able to send or receive mail unless you free up or buy more space. It may take up to 24 hours for changes to be updated in your memory.

If this message has recently been sent to any reader in your Gmail account, It’s time for a good cleaning. And this is that if the space is not freed up, people who connect to it will encounter a message in which they will be warned that it will never be accepted due to lack of space.

Typically, most of the resources are consumed by Google Drive or Google Photos, as these are the platforms that host our photos and videos. But Infobae brings you an article on how to free up space in each of the services mentioned above.

The key to freeing up space in seconds

If the above message has prompted you to take drastic measures, you have a few options. The first and easiest of them is login this link Redirect from computer to platform Google One. If you want to do this a smartphoneYou can also Download the app, Where you have to follow the same steps to be able to delete the largest files.

Once there, select save and browse the page until you find the named option Reclaim your space. After clicking on the option to free up space in the account, the user will be redirected to a new screen.

On this new screen, the platform will give some recommendations to free up space. From deleting redundant items such as spam emails to deleting larger items. If you click on the option review and release Google shows files that break the account.

Google One.  (Photo: Europa Press)
Google One. (Photo: Europa Press)

How to free up space in Gmail

Many users Manzana or Android Use a Google Account every day, whether they have one or not iCloudDrive intact. And like all services, there may come a time when their storage is full. form Space is saved through Gmailfor which access will be required a Mac or windows

Just like you can have almost full iCloud storage, Google’s is also not infinite. It’s always possible Delete messages from the Gmail app iPhone, but it is quite a slow process as you have to select them one by one. Fortunately, there is another way to achieve this:

1. On Mac or Windows, open a web browser and move on Gmail account.

2. In the desired inbox or mailbox, tap square icon on top

Select all emails from Gmail.  (Photo: Gmail/Jose Arana)
Select all emails from Gmail. (Photo: Gmail/Jose Arana)

3. By this they are chosen All emails that appear busy Up to 50 at most.

4. However, now another message appears in blue: “Select XX conversation from inbox”.

5. If you click there, you will see how another message is now displayed confirmation of selection,along with a button to bypass it.

6. If you now press the button trash icon, They will all be sent there.

It should be remembered that by doing this you only move your e-mail to the trash. To save space in Gmail, You must remove them completely:

1. Move on paper bin.

2. Click “Delete forever”.

Permanently delete email from Trash or Trash.  (Photo: Gmail/Jose Arana)
Permanently delete email from Trash or Trash. (Photo: Gmail/Jose Arana)

This is the only way to free up space in your Google account. There is also one last thing to remember: after completing this last step, The user will lose all those emails forever.

Probably It is convenient to save or archive lettersAlso download attachments elsewhere for further reference.

How to free up space on Google Photos

As mentioned above, photos and videos saved in “high quality” do not take up space. But multimedia content that is of “original quality” takes over.

To manage or modify this configuration, you must enter Google Photos > Settings, or log in this link.

Edit photos and videos “Original quality” – “High quality” and then click “Restore memory”.

You must select
You must select “High Quality” in Google Photos. (Photo: Composition / Jose Arana)

A Google Account offers 15 GB of free storage for use in Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. If you still don’t have enough space in the cloud after doing all the above steps, You can choose to purchase more Google Drive storage or upgrade your account Google One. You must enter to perform any of these actions here.

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