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Apple is considering showing more targeted ads in iPhone apps, according to Bloomberg

While Apple limits the advertising business of its competitors like Facebook and Google on its platforms, the company makes millions of dollars from Facebook and Google. your own targeted advertising service. After years without much change, Apple would at least be ready to expand this service further, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

You may not know this, but Apple has its own targeted advertising system. It’s called Apple Search Ads and it allows advertisers to run campaigns in apps. App Store, Apple News (available in select markets only), and Stocks There are deals to serve ads within Apple TV+ on iPhone, iPad and Mac, even in the United States.

The Cupertino company is now reorganizing to make some changes. Gurman explains that Todd Teresi, in charge of the advertising business, is returning to work directly with Eddy Cue, director of services. Teresi’s target is now $4 billion annual revenuereaching double digits per year.

Are there ads on Maps, Books and Podcasts too?

Achieving this goal will not be an easy task. To do this, Apple can expand the reach of the advertising platform to other apps in its ecosystem. Maps, Books and Podcasts. At least when it comes to Maps, the company was already exploring how to add this functionality, which would have a very similar mechanism to Google Maps ads.

Apple Ads on App Store 2

For example, when searching for “Miami restaurants with ocean views,” a local restaurant might pay to appear first in a Maps search. When it comes to Books and Podcasts, the process will be similar. Publishers can pay to have their book or chapter appear among the first results and increase not only downloads but also paid subscriptions or sales on these apps (note that in these last two cases, Apple also takes commissions).

The truth is, Apple’s moves in the advertising industry has not been undisputed in the past, mainly because he speaks as an advocate for user privacy. The company launched in 2021 with iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency (ATT) that allows users to decide whether they want to be tracked to receive targeted ads.

However, Apple apps that contain ads do not need to pass this filter, meaning they do not ask users for permission to be tracked. The Tim Cook-led firm’s claim is that its apps do not associate user data with other companies’ apps or web pages for the purpose of targeted advertising or ad measurement that ATT is trying to control.

Again, There is data collection across Apple services, though not individually. “We create groups of people called segments who share similar characteristics and use these groups to serve targeted ads. We use information about you to determine which segments you will be assigned to and therefore which ads you will receive.” Apple explains it on its website. support.

We’ll see if Apple’s personalized ads will eventually reach its other apps. For now, users have the ability to block data collection. To do this we have to go Settings > Privacy > apple ad and disable “Personalized Ads”. Of course, Apple warns that “turning off personalized ads will limit Apple’s ability to show you ads that may be more intense, but the number of ads they will receive will be the same.”

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