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UK launches investigation into HPE contract with Juniper Networks

HPE's planned takeover of Juniper Networks is being investigated...

The end of the world, this is what it looks like according to artificial intelligence

This artificial intelligence creates doomsday selfies.  (chat)
This artificial intelligence creates doomsday selfies. (chat)

user of TikTok called Robot reboots he asked middle sea A very special task selfies at the end of the world And the resulting images looked scary and disturbing to other users of the platform and other Internet users.

well Selfie characters, in addition to not looking human, at least not like today, look emaciated and with apocalyptic backdrops. In the comments, some claim that the photos refer to nuclear disasters, while others talk about the consequences of pollution.

mid journey, There is another artificial intelligence that creates images from texts, this time created by an independent research laboratory. However, it is clear that the trend of this year and perhaps the decade will be artificial intelligence, which, in addition to being present in the technological centers of companies, will also entertain Internet users.

These are the last selfies of humanity

Until now, the most famous of this type was artificial intelligence Google, purpose or OpenAI and whose names are Parti, Make-A-Scene and DALL-E Accordingly. However, a new proposal from the aforementioned research center suggests that many options will be available to all Internet users in the future.

It should be specified that At the moment, the few users who managed to get their hands on the AI ​​beta have access to MidJourney.And one of them is the aforementioned TikTok content creator who decided to ask the technology some troubling questions.

However, this He is not the only TikTok user who has used various artificial intelligence to create scary or thought-provoking images in a catastrophic and surreal context, In fact, there are many social networking accounts dedicated to uploading content that can cause fear.

These are the last selfies of humanity

For example, in some accounts, followers can submit their questions for the creator to input them into artificial intelligence and then display the answer to the entire community.

In any case, since around 2019, artificial intelligences have started a race to conquer users and show them which is the most surprising thing on the Internet. So far these are the most famous technologies of this type.

I went

Its name comes from the English acronym “Pathways Autoregressive Text-to-Image model” and it is an autoregressive system that creates photorealistic graphic designs from text.

These are the last selfies of humanity

The interesting thing about Parti is that it can receive long and complex clues, so its developers tried to make this artificial intelligence understand various events that happened throughout human history and show “accurate knowledge of the world”. In the words of its creators.

In order for Parti to have the ability to understand many ideas and concepts, a computer system called PartiPromts (P2) was created during its development, which consisted of about 1,600 prompts in English, both simple and complex.


It is an artificial intelligence created by the OpenAI company, and like all technologies of this type, after entering text, it generates an image that reflects what the system understands according to the algorithms it entered, and which links the information on the Internet.

These are the last selfies of humanity

For this reason, sometimes the patterns of this artificial intelligence are literal, but at other times it amazes with the surrealism of the resulting images, and that is why they are so popular on social networks.

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UK launches investigation into HPE contract with Juniper Networks

HPE's planned takeover of Juniper Networks is being investigated by the UK's markets regulator. The British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched...


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