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UK launches investigation into HPE contract with Juniper Networks

HPE's planned takeover of Juniper Networks is being investigated...

Are you familiar with HP Instant Ink? Printing has never been so convenient and cheap

We all like to print our favorite photos and it’s normal because in the end it’s the best way to enjoy them. When we have them on paper, we can use them to decorate our home or work desk and permanently remind us of that special moment when we live alone or in the best company. Unfortunately, this was caused by the high cost of color printing using ink cartridges we enjoy the pleasure of print less and less our favorite photos.

Why are we limited when printing favorite photos? The answer is very simple, because it means printing in color, full page and in high quality, which represents high ink consumption. This high ink consumption translates into a high cost per page, and the faster the cartridges we use run out. After all, when we buy cartridges, we pay for a certain amount of ink that will allow us to print a certain number of pages, and the more ink we use, the fewer pages we can print.

However, the solution to save money on ink is not to stop printing, because this is a limitation that prevents us from enjoying printing at home, and resorting to unofficial cartridges that can compromise the quality of printing and the reliability of our printer is also not a good choice. I know what you’re thinking so what can i save on printing? Well, very easy. sign up for HP Instant Ink.

With HP Instant Ink Service you’ll find that printing has never been so cheap or so convenient. All you need to register is a compatible printer, an internet connection, an email address and a valid payment method. Once you complete the registration process, you will receive a package of cartridges associated with the service, and once installed in your printer, your subscription will be activated.

Don’t worry about ink and print with complete freedom

Want to print all the photos you want without worrying about the cost of ink? With HP Instant Ink, this is finally possible because this service it doesn’t take into account the ink you’ve used or the cartridges you’ve used, only the pages you have printed. What does it mean? Well, it’s very easy:

  • That you can print professional quality full color photos for the price of black and white.
  • Your printing costs won’t change if you spend more ink, allowing you to enjoy stable costs and avoid surprises at the end of the month.
  • You can save up to 70% ink and print in color as much as you want, when you want, without being limited by printing costs.

HP Instant Ink is also affordable as it comes in five different plans and has a starting price only 0.99 euros per month. Yes, for less than one euro you can print in full color and in professional quality for a month. These are the available plans:

  • 10 pages per month for 0.99 euros: you can expand in a pack of 10 pages
    one euro.
  • 50 pages per month for 3.99 euros: you can expand in a pack of 10 pages
    one euro.
  • 100 pages per month for 5.99 euros: you can expand in a pack of 10 pages
    one euro.
  • 300 pages per month for 11.99 euros: you can expand in a pack of 10 pages
    for one euro.
  • 700 pages per month for 24.99 euros: you can expand in packages of 15 pages
    for one euro.

We’re sure you already know why full-color printing has never been cheaper, but did you know that with HP Instant Ink there’s also very comfortable? That’s right, and thanks to automatic operation and at home, you will never have to check the ink level again, nor will you be forced to waste time buying cartridges at the store. When you register, the printer starts checking the ink levels and when it detects that the levels are low, it places an order for new cartridges that You will receive it at home and without shipping costs.

With HP Instant Ink, you can print all the photos you want in full color, professional quality and at the price of black and white printing, save up to 70% on ink and enjoy the complete convenience of an automated service. and at home. That’s why we say printing has never been so cheap and so convenient, but in addition, this service is sustainable and environmentally friendlybecause it uses high-capacity cartridges to reduce shipping and resource consumption, these cartridges are partially made from recycled materials, and your subscription also includes free recycling of any cartridges you spend.

Content provided by HP.

Source: Muy Computer



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UK launches investigation into HPE contract with Juniper Networks

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