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ASML presents Hyper-NA EUV machines

ASML is already working on a successor to the...

If you have any of these Android apps, you should remove them

It is indisputable that for some time (and a long time) to this part Google goes to great lengths to prevent malware from appearing in the Google Play Store, the Android app store. It is also true that much of his bad reputation is due to the laxity with which he faced this issue during his early years. Back then, Google Play and the App Store were said to be opposite extremes, with Apple’s store too hard to get into and Google’s store too easy to get into.

Today, things have changed a lot on Google’s part, and given the concern they’re showing about this issue, we can expect more moves on this front in the future. Another good habit that Google has adopted for a long time is additionally provide immediate response when applications are detected that contain (or are outright) malware. We have already seen on many occasions that once identified, Google ipso facto eliminates dangerous applications.

Of course there is a problem the time that elapses between when these apps arrive in the store and when they are identified as unsafe. A period which, if extended, may mean that many users will download and install them on their devices, with the risks that this entails. Furthermore, there is no system (although it would be a great idea) to allow Google Play to warn users who have downloaded malicious apps about their dangers.

The most recent example in this sense can be found today in 35 dangerous apps detected by Bitdefender, some of them have more than 100,000 downloadsand that users who have them on their devices should in all cases uninstall them. They are the following:

  • Bright Walls – Wallpaper Pack
  • Big Emoji – Keyboard
  • Grad wallpapers – 3D backgrounds
  • Engine Wallpapers – Live and 3D
  • Stock Wallpapers – 4K and HD
  • EffectMania – Photo Editor
  • Artistic filter – deep photo effect
  • Fast Emoji Keyboard
  • Create a sticker for Whatsapp
  • Math Solver – Camera Helper
  • Photopix Effects – Art Filter
  • Led theme – colorful keyboard
  • Keyboard – fun emoticons, stickers
  • WiFi
  • My GPS location
  • Warp camera
  • Art girl wallpaper HD
  • Cat simulator
  • SmartQR Creator
  • Color old photos
  • GPS location finder
  • Art girl desktop wallpaper
  • SmartQR scanner
  • GPS location maps
  • volume control
  • Secret horoscope
  • Smart GPS location
  • Master of animated stickers
  • Personal charging show
  • Sleep sounds
  • QRCreator
  • Media volume slider
  • Secret Astrology
  • Colorize Photos
  • Phi 4K Wallpaper – Anime HD

The good news, yes, is that in this case the threat is not serious, at least for now because its main function is to display as many ads as possible. However, due to their ability to undergo post-installation modifications, it cannot be completely ruled out that they could evolve and take on more dangerous functions.

There is, yes, a problem, and that is that a cyber security company has discovered that once it is installed and tries to confuse the user and hide its presence, the app will change name and icon after installation. Therefore, it is best, especially if you are familiar with any of these names, to check the applications installed on your device and uninstall the ones that you cannot identify.

Source: Muy Computer



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