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Mark Zuckerberg has announced changes to his Horizon Worlds metaverse project

Horizon Worlds Metaverse (shooting)
Horizon Worlds Metaverse (shooting)

CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerbergannounced the launch of the metaverse multiplayer platform, “Worlds of the Horizon”In which users will be able to have their own avatar, implement constructions, participate in events and meetings through virtual reality helmets. Oculus Rift S i Objective Quest 2.

According to the American businessman, who accompanied the announcement with his avatar photo, the degree of horizon graphics A chance to improve And he does it fast. The platform will receive major updates to get closer to what Meta is planning.

The development of the Metaverse project promises a realistic immersive experience that involves the creation of technology that does not yet exist.

Avatars of the Metaverse

The Metaverse project has avatars as digital elements Responsible for populating the virtual environment of the platform. They are a representation of real users in different spaces and have the ability to personalize, as the goal is for people to be able to project their own desired image.

purpose purpose is that these virtual characters can be used to access other types of immersive experiences, not necessarily created by the Company, through alliances with third-party platforms and applications.

The A technology company There are different types of avatars in development so that users can use them in different contexts in Metaverse, so some are more difficult to create.

The first type of augmented reality avatar is one that can only be seen from the waist to the head, because it does not have enough tracking capabilities, that is, it is impossible to identify the movements of the lower limbs of a person with it. of a real person.

Another type of avatar is the full body, but it is more difficult to create and therefore they are still limited in the market because they need it devices By adding virtual reality glasses and gloves to be able to replicate the movements of the legs and their positions.

What can be done in Metaverse?

Zuckerberg’s idea is to incorporate the virtual environment of the Metaverse into everyday life in order to use the space recreational activitiessuch as video games and the ability to attend events such as concerts, plays or sporting events.

Also, you’ll be able to work in virtual workspaces like the meeting room used by Zuckerberg to reveal that Meta works in the Metaverse.

Socialization will also be an important part, as through avatars it will be possible to create a group experience that will facilitate social interaction.

Companies like Epic Games, known for developing Fortnite and Roblox; Sony, a technology company; Manchester City, English football team; Microsoft and many others have announced their intention to collaborate with or become part of the Metaverse.

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