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There are opportunities for young people in the digitized fashion industry

With the digitization of the fashion industry, the use of 3D design programs is becoming more and more common. The need for designers capable of 3D design is increasing in the industry. Istanbul Bilgi University Textile and Fashion Design Department Instructor Her member Evrim Büyükaslan Oosterom says the need for experts in this field is a great opportunity for designers.

Since the 1980s, the fashion industry has used programs that allow for two-dimensional design, width and height. Draft became a part of the process in 3D design, which has become more popular with the development of technology, and 3D design has gained importance, especially with the digitization accelerated by the pandemic process. Istanbul Bilgi University Textile and Fashion Design Department Instructor Member Evrim Büyükaslan Oosteromstated that the lack of employees who have the competency to use 3D design programs in the industry is a great opportunity for designer candidates.

Brands struggle to find designers who know 3D design

Recently, technological developments such as digital fashion shows, metaverse and NFT trends have further increased the need for specialists who have hardware in the field of 3D. Büyükaslan Oosterom said there is a breaking point in the fashion industry: “Two-dimensional design programs are now used by almost everyone. The number of designers who can use the 3D programs that the industry needs is still very insufficient. “ever growing fashion industry is increasing the need for skilled labor in this field and brands are struggling to find experts. The fashion industry is an open industry and designers candidates should see this opportunity before it’s too late.”

‘3D design programs reduce the need for samples’

3D modeling programs, in which the patterns of the clothes are created, make it possible to see the simulation of the clothes on the 3D mannequins, changing the body dimensions as desired. These programs, which allow you to see different color, fabric and accessory options from designs on mannequins in seconds, reduce the need for sample creation and the decision-making process in the design.

Büyükaslan Oosterom said digital file transfer is much easier, cheaper and faster than sending a sample, and emphasized that many major fashion brands require their manufacturers to use 3D design programs.

3D design competence opens international doors

Büyükaslan Oosterom said that 3D design programs are insufficiently included in fashion design and textile education in Turkey, and that although similar problems arise in America and Europe, adaptation is accelerating.

Büyükaslan Oosterom said: “Our university is one of the leading schools not only in Turkey but also in the world in the field of 3D design. Since 2019 we have added the 3D clothing design course to our curriculum. Every year we closely follow the updates in the three-dimensional design programs and the academic studies being conducted in this field to further improve the content of the course. To our students We try to make people understand how important it is to know 3D design. This is exactly what fashion brands need. Graduates who are proficient in this field can find employment as a 3D designer or work independently at these international companies; Today, when remote work is rife, they can design from Turkey to a design agency in New York and send their designs digitally in seconds.”

Source: (BYZHA) – Beyaz News Agency

Source: Haber Safir



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