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G-Sync: what it is, what versions exist and how to activate it on a compatible monitor

Since its inception, G-Sync has been a technology very attractive but also very elitist, because in order to use all its advantages, it was necessary to have a monitor equipped with dedicated hardware, that is, an NVIDIA module, which was in charge of all the workload associated with the mentioned technology. This represented a significant cost that ultimately distanced said technology from the average consumer.

Fortunately, this attitude has finally changed completely and today it is possible to enjoy G-Sync even if we do not have a monitor with dedicated hardware. The experience is not the same if we compare it to a monitor that has an NVIDIA hardware module, we have to be clear about that, but in the end it is good enough to make a huge difference compared to a monitor that is not able to work with the most basic G-mode Sync.

G-Sync: what it is and what are the differences between its versions

There are quite a few three different levels of G-Sync support, and each of them offers a number of features that make a significant difference. Before we explain to you how we can activate this technology, we want to share with you a simple summary where we will see these differences, something essential to understand what value they offer and to determine which version best suits our needs.

G-Sync support: It’s the simplest version, but it’s an important difference to a monitor that doesn’t offer this compatibility. In this mode, we will enjoy adaptive synchronization, which will completely eliminate the problems of “tearing” (breaking the image) and “stuttering” (loss of synchronization when generating images). Thanks to this, the gaming experience is completely smooth. We can activate it if we have a GeForce GTX 10 or higher graphics card and it works via DisplayPort 1.2 or higher and HDMI 2.1. It can only work in the range between 48 Hz and the maximum of the monitor, and most monitors that use this mode do not support Variable Overdrive, although this has become less of a problem with the addition of specific modes that work well at different refresh rates.

G-Sync modes

Native G-Sync: we find a better version that offers the same value as the previous version, but in this case the technology runs on dedicated hardware, which means that it does not introduce any type of “input lag” and can operate in the range between 1 Hz and the maximum of the monitor, which means that we will be able to enjoy the perfect experience even when the frame rate drops below 48 FPS. Native G-Sync certification is also a guarantee of the support level. It always works with variable Overdrive, which means that it not only frees us from “tearing” and “stuttering”, but also adapts in real time to completely free us from ghosting,

G Sync Ultimate: It’s the high-end version of this technology, and as you might imagine, it’s present in the most advanced monitors and uses dedicated hardware. It offers all the benefits of native G-Sync and adds more such as HDR support (up to 1000 nits), ultra-low latency, multi-zone backlight support and a larger color space. While this is a clear difference, for most users the G-Sync compatible mode is already more than enough, and the native mode marks the optimal level.

How can I activate G-Sync technology?

It’s very easy, although you need to make sure first that your monitor is compatible, that you have connected it via DisplayPort 1.2 or higher, or HDMI 2.1 if it supports this standard, and that you have a compatible graphics card updated with the latest drivers. Once you’re sure of everything we’ve just told you, do the following:

  • We right-click on the desktop and enter the NVIDIA control panel.
  • Once there, what we see in the attached image will appear. Enter “Screen> Configure G-Sync”.
  • We activate the boxes that we see in the attached image and that’s it, we can start enjoying G-Sync.

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