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UK launches investigation into HPE contract with Juniper Networks

HPE's planned takeover of Juniper Networks is being investigated...

Sony will go to trial for the PlayStation Store

When the bells started ringing investigations and lawsuits against Apple over its iOS and App Store policies, in fact, what we witnessed was only the initial signal for a review of the business model that is completely present today. In other words, while the informational focus (as well as the legal one) has been on the actions against Apple, there is no doubt that other companies have begun to consider that their turn might come later.

One of them is Sony, more precisely PlayStation. Its position in the console market is indisputable, it has always been in the lead during the last decade, as we can see in this report, and although at times the distance from Microsoft’s Xbox has narrowed considerably, as happened in August last year, the general trend is that PlayStation easily dominates the market , as we can see on StatCounter data:

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – OS Market Share

The PlayStation Store model is undoubtedly very similar to Apple’s iOS model, so it makes all the sense in the world for legal action to be taken against the Japanese multinational. And as we can read in the VGC, a movement of this type was started in the United Kingdom. Specifically, we are talking about a £5 billion lawsuit for allegedly “ripping off” customers.

The reason for the existence of the aforementioned legal action, which is a collective action, lies in the fact that PThe LayStation Store is the only digital store available in Sony’s operating system for its console, added to a commission that is representative for each sale made through it. How much is the commission? Even if you don’t know it, I’m sure you can imagine it… indeed, 30%, a magical figure in which «»»»»happening»»»»» (sorry for misquoting the mark, but I’m sure , that you understand the reason why this is the case), many of the companies responsible for these trades have agreed over the years.

The interesting thing about the case is that on this occasionThe plaintiffs are not game developers and distributors, but usersand that the suit sets the compensation they should receive at between £67 and £562, plus interest. And it is a very interesting approach, because it is possible to understand that as a result of this “bite” percentage, the distributors increase the prices of the digital versions that are distributed through the PlayStation Store, so in the end it is the user’s pocket that ends up paying the 30% saved by Sony .

Source: Muy Computer



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UK launches investigation into HPE contract with Juniper Networks

HPE's planned takeover of Juniper Networks is being investigated by the UK's markets regulator. The British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched...


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