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NVIDIA receives a block of sales to China and Russia

You United States a rule was created restricting the export of chips from NVIDIA to China and for Russia. The goal of the US government is to ensure that the manufacturer’s ban on the shipment of these chips will limit the development of supercomputers and artificial intelligence in countries.

In a document published NVIDIAthe decision made by the US government directly affects exports A100 GPUs as well as H100. They were designed specifically to speed up machine learning.

However, the manufacturer emphasized that the restriction caused by the creation of the rule could harm the production of H100 chips, which are still under development. Even without selling products to Russia, NVIDIA sought to earn US$400 millionabout 2 billion reais at the current price, with sales to Chinese companies in this third financial quarter.

The money will be invested by the company to continue the development of current projects, as well as to launch new NVIDIA projects. However, they fear they could face reprisals from other Chinese customers for refusing to do business with the manufacturer or for not obtaining the necessary licenses from the Chinese government.

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The only current products to which the new licensing requirements apply are the A100, H100, and systems such as the DGX that include them.“, – said on this occasion the representative of NVIDIA.

This is the reason NVIDIA is looking for export control licenses to try and find a loophole in US government regulations. In addition, he will open a communication channel with customers in China to talk about the barrier to the distribution of premium artificial intelligence chips.

Products can be used for military purposes

To justify the ban on exporting products to China and Russia, the US government informed NVIDIA that these products could be used for military purposes by any country. However, the rule introduced by the Americans only affected distribution to the Chinese and Russians.

The move, taken by the United States this week, comes immediately after the creation of a new rule in August this year that prevented China from accessing advanced chip design software to produce next-generation processors.

While we are unable to chart specific policy changes at this time, we are taking a comprehensive approach to taking additional actions necessary to protect US national security and foreign policy interests.“, a spokesman for the US Department of Commerce told Reuters.

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NVIDIA was the victim of a cyber attack that "completely compromised" the company

NVIDIA was the victim of a cyber attack that “completely compromised” the company’s business
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