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Now you can request a digital certificate from any mobile

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The next generation of USB 4 cables will be faster than many SSDs

O USB Promoter Groupone of the departments USB-IFImplementation Forum USB technologydisclosed in a press release that the next generation of connector (USB 4 2.0) will support throughput up to 80 Gbps. This transfer fee will be possible in the format USB Type C. Currently USB 4 1.0 has bandwidth support USB 4 1.0.

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USB 4 2.0 will have a transfer rate of 80 Gbps.

New generation USB 4 2.0 provides a transfer rate equivalent to twice the bandwidth supported on USB 4 1.0 and Thunderbolt 4. Change in architecture USB 4 will also allow current connectors USB-C with throughput up to 40 Gbps capable of reaching speeds of 80 Gbps. Joe Balich, Representative USB-IFexplained edge it’s exactly what you think: a 40 Gb/s USB 4 cable can double your transfer speed – a big benefit for those who already have one. However, Balic did not comment on how this is possible.

Learn more about the update at USB 4 should be disclosed in USB DevDaysevent USB-IF for developers will be held November 1 and 2 in Seattle and November 15 and 16 in Seoul. One of the biggest advantages of this 80Gbps range is the use of a hub to connect multiple devices with a standard USB 4: speakers, external hard drives, monitor, keyboard, mouse… all this and more can be connected to one hub and there will be no problems.

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USB Type-C 2.1 also brought innovation: 240W of power, capable of charging all laptops.

OUR USB-IF updated technology USB Type-C 2.1 cables in September 2021. As of this year, when the first cables of this format are sold, they will have a voltage of 48 V and an electric current of 5 A. With this new power of 240 W (P = V x A), this generation cables can download almost everything notebook market, from the simplest to the “spending” laptop gamers. They could not be carried USB Type-C 2.1 power of 100 watts.

Update on USB Type-C 2.1 cables need to be replaced. exit from Standard Power Range (not to be confused with Power Ranger) and enter Extended power range. These new cables (FOR) will gradually begin to replace the old SPRs. However, some device models may continue to use the 100W version as 240W will not be needed.

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This new feature does not interfere with the USB data transfer part. Then it will be possible and USB 2.0 with support for the new power. And to avoid the (very) likely confusion with cables of different wattages, there will be new visual icons showing what wattage is compatible with the cable.

08/02/2022 at 15:19

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will receive fast charging via USB-C

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Now you can request a digital certificate from any mobile

The National Currency and Stamp Factory - Royal Mint...

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Now you can request a digital certificate from any mobile

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