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In the video we analyze the Newskill Gungnyr Pro keyboards and their Gateron switches

Newskill has a huge catalog of peripherals, and among them stand out the new Gungnyr Pro gaming keyboards, which add to their advantages the options of the Gateron switches that accompany them, for complete customization, as they can be swapped according to the user’s wishes.

You already know that the keyboard is another peripheral that, along with the mouse and monitor, can be considered essential for a self-respecting PC. Its level has increased in recent years and choosing the ideal keyboard is not easy for a demanding user. And let’s not say that for those of us who have to spend all day pounding keys on different tasks, on different devices and in different places, at home, in the office or on the go. All this complicates the choice.

The same can be said for hard knocks on our favorite video games. If mechanical keyboards provide the “purest” experience and membrane classics are at the other extreme, there is a very interesting group in the middle, such as the new Newskill models, the series optomechanical keyboards which comes in two different variants, the full size Gungnyr Pro and the more compact Gungnyr TKL Pro ideal for smaller desktops.

The series is complemented by Gateron switches offered by the manufacturer. They combine the advantages of optical and mechanical keyboards and allow a great fit thanks to six different packages and the possibility of changing them on the fly. We had the opportunity to view the lineup and here we leave you our impressions along with a video analysis.

Newskill Gunnyr Pro

It’s a version Full size 438mm, with 104 keys including a numeric keypad and more for media control. To highlight your aluminum chassis which always provides extra quality compared to polycarbonate and the feeling of a premium product. Together with the matte surface, it repels fingerprints and gives it more durability and visual appeal.

The keyboard includes a removable wrist rest, with a high-quality surface finish and magnetically attached to the keyboard. We found it comfortable to use and a good support for resting your wrists during long days of use. It features a brand logo in the center and rubber pads at the bottom to prevent movement. These palm rests increase the space on the desktop, but there is no doubt that this is an addition that every user will appreciate.

The star of any gaming keyboard is its keys, and here we find those mentioned switches Gateron Red series, but interchangeable with others, as we will see later. These switches They are a hybrid between the best mechanical and optical performance. The mechanical part provides the feeling of the key when pressed and maintains the typical stroke of gaming keyboards.

The optics base their operation on light, so when a key is pressed, the laser triggers an action without the switch having to touch the keyboard board, unlike mechanical switches where the action is triggered by direct contact. Consequently, these switches they are not only faster, but also more durable by preventing contact and friction. The force values ​​of the keys and their overall stroke are quite equal, 45±15gf, respectively 4mm.

Full-color RGB lighting is a matter of course. It is fully configurable with a key and it must be said that, in addition to the keyboard, the lighting also extends to the magnetized wrist rest, which makes for a rather successful combination. The keyboard comes with a 1.8 meter cable for connecting to a PC via a USB port.

Newskill Gungnyr TKL Pro

If you prefer a more compact keyboard size, but with all the technology and features of the previous one, Newskill offers a “TenKeyLess” version. By eliminating the numeric keypad, you reduce its size to 356 mm and thus save space on your desk.

The keyboard retains the build quality, matte finish (the white one you see in the pictures looks great) and aluminum chassis of its older brother. It also uses the same optical-mechanical hybrid technology with interchangeable Gateron Red switches installed by default and remaining features such as anti-ghosting which allows to register the sequence of simultaneously pressed keys without any type of error or blocking.

It features the same removable wrist rest (downsized to keyboard size) and magnetic connection, a USB cable for connecting to a PC, and fully customizable RGB lighting with six different modes. Definitely, same functions as before but in a more compact size what makes the difference for small tables.

Interchangeable Gateron switches

Newskill uses different types of switches (Kailh, Kailh Speed, Outemu and Gateron) in their keyboards to suit the needs of all users. The manufacturer has a comparison guide of its characteristics available on its website, as well as a detailed explanation of the terms that must be taken into account when choosing them.

The Gateron series is the latest addition to Newskill’s line of key mechanisms. They’re used in the two Gungnyr Pro keyboards we’ve featured, and they have two major differences with the rest of the switches: they are optomechanical and interchangeable.

As we have seen above, the combination of the properties of mechanical and optical mechanisms achieves the squaring of the circle, the clicking sensation and the power of the light laser, which works without the need for contact with the base of the keyboard. The minimum starting distance is combined with high performance and a much longer service life.

Another advantage that the manufacturer has added to this series of switches is the option exchange bitter of six different types existing. The idea is extremely interesting. Each user can use one or the other according to his needs or preferences in the game genre or task, which he will achieve in practice “having a thousand keyboards in one”.

The Gungnyr Pro comes with Gateron «Red» switches by default, well balanced for typing and gaming, but you can use a different type of designed ones. It is distinguished by colors and the manufacturer has prepared a table explaining their differences in power and control distance, volume level and main focus of use.

To complement the keyboards, Newskill has released six additional packs of 20 each, so you can create endless combinations depending on the task or get the most out of it depending on the game genre.

Conclusions, availability and price

Newskill has hit the jackpot with these Gungnyr Pro opto-mechanical keyboards, available in two versions to suit the needs of users who prefer full size or more compact but with the same features. Both offer high-quality construction, an aluminum body and a magnetically attached wrist rest.

The new Gateron switches introduced in this series deliver what they promise: ease of use, performance and click feel. Highlight the possibility of using six different variants to adapt it to different tasks and thus enjoy it “multiple keyboards” for the price of one.

Gungnyr Pro has a retail price €119.95while Gungnyr TKL Pro stands €109.95. They are available on the Newskill website and through the retail channel in a black or white color finish. Currently, the manufacturer is running a “back to school” promotional campaign that offers up to 35% off.

The truth is that it is oa reasonable price for what they offer and even more if we take into account the possibility to get different packages of switches (only 12.95 euros) interchangeable on the fly and in a simple way. A set that has deservedly earned our featured product logo and that we highly recommend.

Source: Muy Computer


Maduro declared persona non grata in Argentina

Legislative Assembly of the City of Buenos Aires, the...

Claudia Sheinbaum and Kamala Harris talk about drug trafficking, migration and the climate crisis

Claudia Sheinbaumfuture president of Mexico, and Kamala HarrisVice President...


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