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It brought the Chinese model, which has reached a sales volume of 500 billion dollars, to Turkey and offers opportunities for entrepreneurs and young people.

Vidyodan, the first representative of live broadcast sales in Turkey, which started in China and quickly spread to the world, continues its path with 1 million users, while providing an alternative sales channel for entrepreneurs and employment opportunities for young people. Aiming to invest $20 million in the application over two years, the live broadcast marketplace will continue to grow alongside entrepreneurs and young people.

According to eMarketer data, the first representative of the live broadcast sales model in Turkey, whose sales volume reached $62.3 billion in 2019, which is expected to reach $500 billion by the end of 2022 and reach $623 billion in 2023. reach, by Vidyodan grows 10 times and is the first representative of many local and international brands. It adds another dimension to the new generation shopping experience by offering it to its users.

A pioneering innovation in e-commerce, live-stream shopping has already reached 18 of all e-commerce sales in China.

Bringing together the e-commerce and social shopping experience in its application, Vidyo’dan Live Broadcast Marketplace offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to increase their sales and new business opportunities for young people with this business model that has brought it to Turkey. Vidyodan offers a new and effective sales channel to global and local brands in Turkey, as well as retailers engaged in boutique production, and even employees who want to supply their handmade products to a wide audience. Today, Vidyodan, which houses 300 boutique brands, including a total of 700 merchants, aims to be four times these numbers by 2024.

Support employment with digital hosting

Vidyodan changes the face of standard retail applications and allows users to communicate directly with merchants through live broadcasts. In the live broadcasts, users can find live answers to their questions about the products directly from the seller. While live broadcasts are made on the platform on average 300 times a month, young people are given a new formation as presenter in these broadcasts. At the end of Vidyodan’s training courses, young people and entrepreneurs who want to sell their products themselves can sell directly to users as a ‘digital server’. In this way, the servers generate revenue by selling the products owned by the brands without producing or stockpiling.

Mert Yılmaz: “We reach 10 times the Turkish average in conversion to sales”

Yusuf Mert Yılmaz, CEO of Vidyodan, who became the first representative of this concept by bringing the Chinese model to Turkey, said:

“Being the first marketplace to bring the ‘buy by live broadcast’ model to Turkey presented great opportunities. As Vidyodan, we recorded more than 100 thousand sales in 2022 with more than 3000 live broadcasts. Live broadcasting and video sales allow us to increase sales conversion rates to 10 times the Turkey average. We aim to invest $20 million in our application within two years. In the coming period, we will offer young people and entrepreneurs more opportunities by expanding our digital server network and the number of brands. We aim to triple the number of servers, currently around 100, by the end of 2024 and quadruple the number of entrepreneurial brands. On Vidyodan, which offers surprise opportunities in every live broadcast, our users who closely monitor the live broadcasts can buy their needs with surprising stocks at prices about 80 percent below the market.”

Source: (BYZHA) – Beyaz News Agency

Source: Haber Safir



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