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Google’s Zelda is in Mesoamerica: A tutorial game you don’t need to download

Do you want entertainment without the hassle and without having to download anything to your phone? Google has a new browser game: snake’s descent. Set in Mesoamerica, this game lets you explore pre-Columbian cultures with a mechanic and style similar to the classic Zelda.

The games Google has developed for its Doodle are often very attractive and educational. In general, they are more or less simple headlines to pass the time in your spare time in the office or while waiting for the bus, but it can also happen. there are many hardworking specimens that offer hours of entertainment. Tokyo Olympics RPG is a good example. And his new development for Art and Culture is not far behind.

Explore Mayan culture in a classic RPG

Snake Landing

The purpose of Google games is usually to learn about very specific topics. That’s what happens in doodles, memorial creations celebrate cultural, social or astronomical events. And since we’ve passed the autumnal equinox, Google Arts & Culture has developed a fun game in collaboration with Mexico’s National Museum of Anthropology.

The name of the game we are talking about is The Descent of the Serpent. With a simple design, inspired by classic Zelda style RPGs, Google recommends a temporary trip back to the time of the Mayans to explore their culture and traditions. The mechanic set against the autumnal equinox involves retrieving items stolen before the aforementioned equinox arrives.

Descent of the Serpent is a browser game that you can access from your mobile phone or computer. It doesn’t mean excessive learning as there is only one action button and virtual pad. The rest is common to all RPGs: explore, talk to different characters that populate forests, caves, beaches and mountains, recover stolen objects, find and find out others that are a little more hidden. More.

Snake Landing

There are two ways to access this new Google game: directly from the browser (without downloading anything) or through the Google Arts & Culture app (by downloading the app). From what we tried, experience develops with practice, especially in character control: going down with the virtual controller sometimes triggers the page reload gesture. This is a little annoying.

Snake Landing

It is not overly long, valid as an hour of entertainment. And the best thing is You will learn many curiosities about Mesoamerican cultures. Additionally, you can expand this knowledge through Google Arts & Culture itself, it’s invaluable.

To access The Descent of the Serpent, simply point your browser to this Google Arts & Culture page. If you prefer to play from the app, you just need to download it from your mobile app store.

Google Arts and Culture

Google Arts and Culture

  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Download at: Google Play
  • Download at: app store
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Video

More info | Google Arts and Culture
via | XDA Developers

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