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TikTok has launched the “Like” button worldwide. Purpose: to help moderate comments

After months of testing, TikTok announced it this Friday. Global rollout of ‘dislike’ button. This new way of showing disapproval in comments will be found next to the ‘Like’ button, although it works differently.

We agree with the comment with the ‘Like’ button and encourage the creator and community as the number of reactions on the video is public, with the ‘Like’ button it is the other way around.

How TIkTok’s ‘Dislike’ Button Works

As the company announced on TwitterThe new ‘Dislike’ button is a tool intended to help identify comments that the public considers. irrelevant or inappropriate. Unlike ‘Like’, this is a non-public reaction.

This means that when someone taps ‘Like’ on a comment, only that person can see the reaction they just posted. Neither other users nor the author of the comment will be notified. So what’s the logic behind the button?

Tik Tok Like Button 1

According to TikTok, it was created to listen to the community and “encourage a comment section for real and authentic interactions.” The company certainly doesn’t go too far into this functionality. tries to improve platform moderation.

Also, by hiding the number of ‘likes’ received on a comment, it is possible to prevent harassment campaigns and organized attacks against specific creators or commenters.

What is clear is that the company will be able to intervene when it detects too many ‘Dislikes’ in the comments. avoid, for example, spam or unwanted messages. The pending question is what measures to implement. Will it make them less visible? Will it remove them?

In any case, it is another tool for checking comments. Users currently have the ability to report comments they think violate the terms of service or promote false information.

It should be noted that TikTok Not the first social network to include a ‘dislike’ button. Facebook thought about this years ago, but eventually decided to scrap it. YouTube, on the other hand, chose this path, but took some precautions.

In the case of YouTube, the ‘dislike’ button ideally serves to improve content recommendations by avoiding showing relevant videos to which we react negatively, but after a year of use the result is not as expected.

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