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Another Monster Notebook innovation for the gaming world: Pusat Clutch Gamepad

Monster Notebook continues to expand its ecosystem. Designed to provide gamers with a unique gaming experience, Pusat Clutch Gamepad will be an indispensable part of the Monster Notebook ecosystem.

Monster notebookhas added a new one to its high-end laptop and gaming equipment. Pusat Clutch Gamepad, designed to provide gamers with a unique gaming experience; With its ergonomic design, long battery life and multi-platform functionality, it has already attracted attention as an indispensable part of the Monster Notebook ecosystem.

Pusat Clutch Gamepad, which provides an enriched gaming experience on different platforms thanks to its enhanced motion and vibration sensors, gives you the privilege to play games with computers, phones with Android operating system and Smart TVs.

Pusat Clutch Gamepad, which stands out with its vibrating feedback function and Turbo mode, promises a realistic gaming experience. Connecting wirelessly with 2.4GHz receiver frequency and Bluetooth, Pusat Clutch Gamepad offers freedom to its users with its 10-meter shooting range and special nano receiver storage design.

Pusat Clutch Gamepad, which can be personalized with two different interchangeable D-Pad keys and action keys in different colors, offers a stylish and unique gaming experience thanks to the RGB LED indicators on the XAYB keys. Pusat Clutch Gamepad, which is offered to users in two different color options, green and black, offers stylish alternatives for those who want to share their gaming pleasure.

Making the experience of playing games with the phone more comfortable, Pusat Clutch Gamepad provides a strategic advantage by keeping the phone in a fixed position thanks to the easy-to-attach phone holder.

Pusat Clutch Gamepad maximizes gaming efficiency with its built-in 700mAh battery that can be charged quickly with a USB C-Type port and up to 12 hours of run time.

Statement on the subject Monster Notebook Peripherals Director Birol Sülük“Every new product we add to the Monster Notebook ecosystem increases our excitement even more. We develop our product portfolio and services, which we have expanded to best meet the needs and requests of our users, by closely following the innovations that keep the industry on the pulse. The newest member of our ecosystem, Pusat Clutch Gamepad is our latest product developed for the needs of gamers. Pusat Clutch Gamepad, which we designed to increase the comfort of players who may not be comfortable playing games at the desk for a long time, allows you to play games whether sitting on the couch or moving around . We promise our users an extremely comfortable gaming experience with its functional structure that can be used on multiple platforms and main devices, as well as its comfortable ergonomics. We will continue to expand our ecosystem, which we feed with a new product every day, with our efforts to perfect the gaming experience.”

Monster Notebook, with its Monster Express service, which provides a quick and easy purchasing experience, ensures that the purchases made on the website are delivered to the users the same day or the next day. Monster Express provides service in Istanbul and also provides real-time tracking of orders.

Source: (BYZHA) – Beyaz News Agency

Source: Haber Safir



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