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AirPods Max active noise cancellation worsened after firmware update

The active noise cancellation (ANC) of the Apple AirPods Max has deteriorated after a recent device update. According to tests conducted by the Rtings portal, firmware version 4E71 caused the headphones to start blocking less noise, especially in the midrange.

10/21/2022 at 17:16

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It is these frequencies that occupy such noises as the sounds of aircraft turbines, bus engines and other vehicles. It should be noted that it was an automatic firmware update, users didn’t have the option.

In addition to the bass change, there was a slight tweak to the mids and highs, in order to reduce the feeling of isolation.

However, Rtings emphasizes that at these frequencies, the changes were more subtle and unlikely to be noticed by users, as the headphones continue to adequately suppress background conversations or air conditioners, for example.

Apple does not comment on AirPods Max

Since the release of the update (in mid-May this year), there have been no official statements from Apple about the deterioration of the ANC AirPods Max. Some dissatisfied users also commented on the possible deterioration in the overall sound quality of the headphoneswhich was not taken into account by Rtings during the revaluation.

Speaking specifically about the ANC, one theory indicates that Apple would have made this “adjustment” to alleviate the feeling of pressure and isolation that some reviews point to.because it stems precisely from the excessive suppression of the lowest frequencies, which makes it uncomfortable for many AirPods Max users.

Continuation after commercial

Currently AirPods Max cost a staggering R$6,590 here in Brazil.. We had the opportunity to test the Apple “Gourmet” headphones up close. Check out our impressions of the device below.

Source: Rtings, twitter


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