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Brasilia: 5G in the Brazilian capital is the second fastest in the world

BrasiliaBrazilian capital, ranked second in 5G fastest in the world, according to a report published last Thursday, October 27, by the company open signal, an independent analytics firm specializing in “quantifying the experience of using mobile networks.” The first place in the comparison, which analyzes the quality of mobile Internet of the current generation in several countries, was taken by South Korea. Third, below BrazilWe have Australia.

Check out the official statements published by the mentioned company:

  • 5G: download speed
  1. Seoul (South Korea) – 447.4 Mbps
  2. Brasilia (Brazil) – 369.5 Mbps
  3. Canberra (Australia) – 218.8 Mbps
  4. Berlin (Germany) – 181.1 Mbps
  5. Santiago (Chile) – 172.7 Mbps
  6. Washington (USA) – 156.8 Mbps
  7. Mexico City (Mexico) – 150.9 Mbps
  8. London (England) – 130.3 Mbps
  9. Ottawa (Canada) – 122.2 Mbps
  10. Bangkok (Thailand) – 121.8 Mbps
  11. Rome (Italy) – 102.2 Mbps
  • 5G: download speed
  1. Seoul (South Korea) – 40 Mbps
  2. Brasilia (Brazil) – 30.8 Mbps
  3. Bangkok (Thailand) – 24.8 Mbps
  4. Berlin (Germany) – 24 Mbps
  5. Mexico City (Mexico) – 23.8 Mbps
  6. Santiago (Chile) – 22.2 Mbps
  7. Ottawa (Canada) – 20.9 Mbps
  8. Washington (USA) – 20.4 Mbps
  9. Canberra (Australia) – 16.9 Mbps
  10. Rome (Italy) – 16.3 Mbps
  11. London (England) – 14 Mbps

Brasilia provides high quality loading and unloading; South Korea remains at the top of the list

The tests looked at download and upload speeds, which are important for downloading files from the Internet and achieving satisfactory results on streaming platforms, in the case of downloadand quickly place files in the cloud, in case Download — we highlight just a few of the many applications of these functions.

O 5G still new to this country, arrived in the capital in July this year, becoming the first district to receive a technology resource. Even having achieved unambiguously positive results, the service is offered only by some districts of the city.

5G is still new in this country, it launched in the capital in July this year, becoming the first area to receive the technology resource.

what is your opinion about this topic? Do you think the quality of 5G in Brasilia is as good as this survey? Share your experience in this matter and follow our social networks!

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