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This Black Friday, save hundreds of euros by getting rid of your old Xiaomi while you buy a new one No comment

Black Friday 2022 has arrived. the most discounted week of the yearand most of us are considering buying a new device. mobile phone, tablet or any other accessory From the huge catalog that Xiaomi has.

Many of us think of stores like Amazon, MediaMarkt or Pc Componentes. when purchasing or renewing our mobile or Xiaomi device, but if we want to save money or we even sold our old terminalWe can go to our telephone company.

Green Friday cares about the environment and gives you more

In addition to what our phone companies like Vodafone, Movistar or Orange usually offer, we have it this week. A new way to experience Black Friday, otherwisemuch more respectful to the environment and especially to electronic waste.

Thanks to this new campaign, companies They give us the option to sell our mobile or in the case of old device and Vodafone get one of the new mobiles, televisions or accessories at discounted price by giving them that old cell phone.

For example, if you choose the new Xiaomi 12T Pro, maximum exponent of mobile photography mid-high range and hand over your old mobile phone as part of payment, You can save up to 340 Eurosand the same goes for the Xiaomi TV A2, the 55-inch 4K television you can buy with it. Discount up to 190 Euro handing over your old device.

Other companies like Orange or Movistar also offer plans for: you can get money from your old mobile phonereducing electronic waste, cooperating with the environment and helping us let’s save a good pinch while renovating today’s technology.

Thanks to campaigns parallel to Black Friday like this Vodafone Green Friday, buy any Xiaomi product and get rid of our old Redmi without worrying about collecting dust in the drawer.

Source: Mundo Xiaomi



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