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The app that is changing Instagram according to professional photographers

(Photo: Cereal)
(Photo: Cereal)

The Photography lovers has several options beyond Instagram Post all your professional photos, but if you’re looking for something much more advanced and focused on professional photographers, narrow down the search.

Fortunately, there are now Instagram alternatives such as grainwhich is more for professional photographers where the best photos can be created and published with very advanced filters.

similarly, grain It is available in desktop version and also Beta on devices iOS and also inside Android. Although it is better to use a tablets In order to get the most out of it, both the devices used in the desktop version as well cellphones It works very well.

That is why Infobae wants to highlight the most important aspects of grain, a applications It is very well seen by professional photography enthusiasts who indicate this in the reviews of the platform.

Instagram-like design

At the top of the user interface are the home page, browsing page, notifications and messages. The Grainery home page features the latest photos, recommendations for new accounts, and direct access to a user’s profile.

The search option is much more interesting as it allows you to find other accounts similar to yours to sort them into new, better rated photos and suggested profiles. Then there is direct access to messages and notifications.

(Photo: Cereal)
(Photo: Cereal)

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Distinctive features

1. Match each photo with a camera and lens

The app has the ability to know exactly which camera body, lens and film the user used to take the photo. Before the post can be loaded, the camera body, lens and film must be placed on the profile.

2. Panoramic photos

The application has the ability to place panoramic photos, so it is preferable to work on a computer or tablet.

3. Advanced filters

Being on Instagram is all you have Hashtags, you can also use them in cereal, but it’s a work in progress. But the good thing is that Grainery also has three characters to filter the results better, such as exclamation point, dollar sign and percent sign.

– if a sign screaming Before searching, it is filtered by movie types and brands.

– if a sign dollar Before searching, you can see photos taken by a specific camera.

– in case of writing a sign percent It is filtered by lenses before searching.

(Photo: Cereal)
(Photo: Cereal)

Like everything in life, it’s not 100% free.

Although the user gets a free account, the user will have limitations for uploading images. The free app allows 24 and 36 photos, but if you want to exceed this amount, the user will have to Cereal subscription.

approx 3 USD per month or 36 USD Each year, users can upload as many photos as they want in any photo style to their profile.

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How to tell if someone’s profile picture is fake

To find out if another person has a real or fake picture The tool must be used Fake profile detector. It’s a browser extension that’s easy to use because you only need to download it.

After downloading, you can start using the tool developed by the company V7Labs, which focuses Artificial intellect (AI). It is only necessary Right click on the image And select ‘Check fake profile picture’ to let it do its job.

(Photo: Screenshot/Fake Profile Detector)
(Photo: Screenshot/Fake Profile Detector)

The detector immediately displays the analysis results in percentages, which will be higher or lower, as the case may be, in the image. For example, if there is a man behind a photo of a beautiful girl who used FaceApp, the extension will find out without the slightest difficulty.

This tool is Google StoreThis means it only works with family browsers such as google chrome or Chrome. After installation, you should follow the instructions on how to activate notifications.

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