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Xiaomi listened to its fans: Xiaomi 12S Ultra camera will be on its new flagship No comments

Just 24 hours before the amazing presentation of Xiaomi 13 and Xiaomi 13 Pro, more information comes to light What Xiaomi has achieved with these two new devices and more specifically with the Xiaomi 13 Promost premium of this generation.

Although with the official announcement of the presentation event Numerous promotional images have already been shared This showed some aspects of the phones, we were able to see some more today and looks focused on camera module One of them is the Xiaomi 13 Pro, which has been the object of worship in recent months.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra camera lands on Xiaomi 13 Pro

In August of the same year, Xiaomi launched An impressive terminal remaining in the Asian countryand we looked with some skepticism from Europe: the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. This mobile phone is the full-fledged best-in-class, with specifications that surpass almost any smartphone, but first of all there was one thing that stood out: cameras.

Well, thanks to more promotional posters of the Xiaomi 13 Pro, we know that (or at least one of) these cameras. They will be at the new pinnacle of the company’s product range. This main camera is a sensor 50MP one inch in size to let in much more light in our photos

Also, since it was leaked, the event does not end there. an image mentioning another camera: telephoto lens. Although the number of megapixels is not specified in the poster, yes they are talking about focal lengthIt will be 75mm. This allows objects to be photographed and appear much closer.

picture 5760

A still unsolved unknown is whether we will see these cameras. on both devices or only on Xiaomi 13 Probecause although it is true that the 50 MP one-inch sensor of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra is exclusive to the Pro, does not specify telephoto lens Exclusivity of Xiaomi 13 Pro or not.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait long, because tomorrow at 19:00 Spanish timeThe presentation event of these terminals will take place, which will be accompanied by MIUI 14 and several other devices, including Xiaomi Watch S2 or Buds 4.

Source: Mundo Xiaomi



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