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This is what the first web pages of eBay, Amazon, Google and Netflix looked like more than 20 years ago.

Computer Internet 1995 (Digital Trends)
Computer Internet 1995 (Digital Trends)

The history of the Internet does not begin with the creation of its name in 1969 ARPAnet, with the intention of connecting different computers in universities to share information, mostly military. However, the creation of this form Communication Over the years, it became a virtual public space until it reached the point where people started creating the first ones websites.

Although very few in the beginning and clearly focused on finding information, companies existed in the world. virtual suggest products i service on this platform.

These are early versions websites Today, from the most famous companies in the world.

Amazon (1995)

One of the companies dedicated to Electronic commerce The world’s largest did not start on the Internet as a site that offered variety productsBut in 1995, when it went virtual, it was dedicated to selling books.

Amazon's first website in 1995.  (Museum of Web Design)
Amazon’s first website in 1995. (Museum of Web Design)

After the establishment of St 1994Jeff Bezos’ company offered a total of one million text titles that interested users could request via email. “Please come often” – he used this phrase Amazon To keep customers coming back to the website to search for low book prices.

On the other hand, the company offered a service messages By email “When your favorite author releases a new book

eBay (1996)

As for e-commerce, the first version web page Launched from eBay Nineteen ninety-six and already had tabs at the top of the screen. This page, which advertised itself as a “ auction”, had sections to review product listings, Buyers i Sellers among other options.

The first eBay website in 1996.  (Museum of Web Design)
The first eBay website in 1996. (Museum of Web Design)

One of the features of this website was a letter from the founder of the company, Pierre Omidyarusers who visited website in which he commented eBay It was a safe place where people could conduct their commercial operations because, as he declared, “We’re done 10,000 purchases And we barely registered a dozen complaints.”

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Remember that you are talking to people like you who are subject to committing mistakes In some cases, it is human,” the statement said Web.

Google (1998)

Distribution of elements on the first website Google Not much has changed since its arrival on the Internet. logo of 1998 It bears some resemblance to the modern one, at least as regards the letters which make up the name companywhich was also marked with an exclamation mark at the end of the word.

Google's first website in 1998.  (Museum of Web Design)
Google’s first website in 1998. (Museum of Web Design)

“Search” buttons. Google” and “I’m lucky” have since remained on the website, although they have been further removed from the toolbar. Search. It was also stated that if the user wants to have news WebYou can enter your email reported.

currently, Logo Changed the company’s sister service That it offers much more variety than before.

Netflix (2002)

The company that owns the service stream The world did not start offering online content with more active users, but it began to evolve on the Internet this year 2002 As a video rental company in physical formats such as DVD In the United States, however, it has retained some aspects of it Subscription every month.

The first Netflix website in 2002.  (Museum of Web Design)
The first Netflix website in 2002. (Museum of Web Design)

“Rent all the DVD movies you want 20 dollars per month,” is what was stated website which also offered free delivery services to people who requested it. In addition, the website added that if the person were to return DVD Inside the envelope, each user could receive a new movie from a personal selection list.

According to NetflixDelivery time was 2 to 4 days by post and up to 3 movies could be requested at a time.

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