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YouTube Music Recap 2022: what have you been listening to this year?

In the style of Spotify and the like, the YouTube Music Recap 2022the annual review by which Google’s music service reminds its users of what they’ve enjoyed in the past eleven months is already twelve months old.

“As we wrap up another year of discovering new music and remixing classic hits, we’re once again celebrating the sounds that have been playing all year long,” they explain on the YouTube blog. This recap basically consists of personalized statistics that include the most listened musicians and songs, popular music videos and playlists, etc.

Nothing new, although this is the second YouTube Music “recap” that has been published. If this feature was released last year, it is improved with more immersion, tag the people responsible for the service. This immersion is understood with news in the form of new statistics such as:

  • main trends: On the YouTube Music Recap page, you’ll see which artist you discovered before most users.
  • Identity: On the YouTube Music Recap page, you’ll also get a personalized “music personality” that captures your music environment based on your listening habits.
  • hard to find content: YouTube is home to a catalog of music content you won’t find anywhere else. To celebrate, we’re sharing exclusive YouTube content (remixes and live performances) that you’ve enjoyed the most this year, available on the YouTube app and YouTube Music.

If you’re a user of the service and are interested in seeing what your YouTube Music Recap 2022 has in store, that’s all you’ll find for now in the Android or iOS app, in the general menu in its own section “Your recap”. After entering, you will see another novelty such as the optional integration with Google Photos to customize some statistics cards with the most listened songs in four stations.

As for the recap itself, it is displayed as a gallery of images and contains information such as the time you spent listening to music on the service, your favorite artist and the most listened to, most played albums and tracks, and this “identity” » or «music personality» (if is your taste commercial or not, a bit silly).

By the way, this YouTube Music Recap 2022 comes shortly after the last redesign of the application, which, even with its flaws, looks more and more attractive. We’ll see if until 2023 Google continues to improve this review, but also other things that are very outdated and they promised to fix. At least that one.

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