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Get your Wi-Fi ready this Christmas with three easy steps

Christmas is just around the corner and this year we will finally be able to enjoy the event without the restrictions that the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed on us in previous years. Despite everything, it is clear that being a good host you will need to share your Wi-Fi connection with all your guests, and to avoid a disaster, it will have to be done properly configured and ready.

There are many reasons why Wi-Fi is important. at a family gathering at Christmas. For example, there are cases of relatives who may not be able to participate in the event and thanks to the video call they end up being part of it, sharing photos and videos through the main mobile applications, through social networks is also common. There is also a classic smartphone streaming children’s content to entertain a cousin or nephew who is bored and at risk of crying.

If our Wi-Fi connection fails, we will have problems and the meeting or Christmas dinner will not go as expected. I know that many people will probably tell me that today’s data plans are very generous and that having a Wi-Fi connection at a family event is no longer so important because everyone can use their data, but there are houses where coverage isn’t always good and ultimately not everyone has unlimited rates.

How to prepare your Wi-Fi connection for this Christmas

1.-Tune your connection to improve performance and range

That’s a pretty broad recommendation includes several pointsalthough the most important is the location of the router, the use of less saturated channels, updating the router and good orientation of the antennas.

Change the location of the routerIf we can do this effortlessly, it can help us improve Wi-Fi coverage in the area where family events will be held this Christmas. If this is not possible and the range is not good, this would be recommended use a repeater or a PLC with a Wi-Fi repeater.

Upgrading your router may result security and performance improvements, and also in new functions that will make our lives easier. The orientation of the antennas is also more important than it seems, because it will help us direct the signal to the most important areas of our home.

2.-Check your security settings

Get your Wi-Fi ready this Christmas

It is important, and at Christmas more than ever, especially if we live in an apartment and are surrounded by neighbors. During this data, the risk of our Wi-Fi network being compromised increases, so check your security settings can make a big difference and it will allow us to get rid of any intruders.

If we don’t and we have intruders, they may end up sharing our Wi-Fi with their own guests, and if that happens, it will be a real disaster because they use up all our bandwidthand we may not realize what is really going on.

Through your router’s configuration interface, you can identify the various devices that have been connected. If you recognize one that doesn’t fit you, we recommend it that you change your Wi-Fi password to a more secure one, which does not contain personal information and which combines letters with numbers and special characters. This will get rid of intruders and prevent them from re-entering.

3.-Restart the router and close the applications

Get your Wi-Fi ready this Christmas

A router is a device that usually works non-stop, which makes it prone to errors that may eventually go unsolved. When it happens we risk the router “crashing” and stops working properly.

In these cases, the simplest solution is restart the routera very simple process that we can do by unplugging it at least for a minute. We plug it back in, let it complete the boot process, and that’s it.

This solution has gotten me out of trouble in recent years and is recommended as a preventative measure before any Christmas event with our family and friends. On the other hand, it is also recommended deactivate applications that we may have in the background and that they consume bandwidth so it is fully released and available to our guests.

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