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Starfield has a clear goal: to increase Xbox Series X sales

Microsoft bought Bethesda one of the most important movements from the Redmond giant and its main goal was to improve the catalog of exclusive games for Xbox Series X and Series S. Starfield will be the first of the great exclusives that will reach PC and Microsoft consoles after this purchase operation, and therefore What we are seems to be one of the most ambitious and the most important developments of this generation.

According to Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard, Microsoft’s acquisition of the company and the concept of Starfield from the beginning as an Xbox Series X and Series S exclusive It was positive for his development.. This title won’t have to rely on the limitations of the Xbox One and PS4 and should come fairly optimized, although that doesn’t mean it won’t be a demanding game on a hardware level.

Although Howard was generally positive about Starfield’s exclusivity, he also acknowledged that he feels considerable pressure because ultimately Microsoft’s goal is for the game to to become a “console dealer”.

This concept is not new as we have seen that there are consoles games capable of generating enormous interest among consumers and independently increasing sales of specific systems, I actually bought a Dreamcast at the time myself for titles like Metropolis Street Racer and Resident Evil Code Veronica, and I also bought an Xbox for Halo and a PS4 for Bloodborne.

The CEO also emphasized that they focused their development on the PC during their early days, namely Xbox has always been an important platform for themso this project is not unusual for them, although the situation and conditions have obviously changed.

From my personal point of view, I still think Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda It was a very successful purchase. especially considering the total amount, which was ultimately “small” for a company of Microsoft’s caliber.

As for Starfield, I really liked the first scenes of actual gameplay I saw. The game looks amazing and the truth is, I’m looking forward to it coming out to enjoy it. I just hope that Bethesda properly hones the technical part and optimizes to avoid problems that could spoil the launch. It has reasons for this, as this title is one of the most important games to arrive in 2023.

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