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Gaziantep’s interaction is high!

According to November data from Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality’s official social media accounts, it was the municipality that received the most interaction among 30 metropolitan municipalities.

GAZIANTEP (IGFA) – According to the analysis of social media usage, in the statistics of the number of likes, comments, retweets and shares received by social media accounts, Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality ranked first with 711 posts and 675 thousand 217 interactions on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and YouTube platforms in November.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality was followed by Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality ranks 4th, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality ranks 5th, and the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality ranks 6th in the list.

According to the November Metropolitan Mayors’ Social Media Analysis Report, there are a total of 2 million 897 thousand social media accounts of Gaziantep Mayor Fatma Şahin on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, after Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu and the mayor of Ankara, Mansur Yavaş. He placed 3rd with 398. interactions.

The videos that Mayor Fatma Şahin shared on her social media accounts reached 22 million 101 thousand 159 views and became the second mayor with the highest number of views in November.

Source: Haber Safir



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