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Xiaomi 13’s battery lasts longer than iPhone 14 Pro Max’s, Xiaomi’s CEO also confirms No comment

We have only a few hours left until we learn deeply about the innovations that Xiaomi has prepared for us with the Xiaomi 13 Pro and Xiaomi 13, but the brand continues to reveal small details about these devices practically on a daily basis. And be very careful because The latest innovation to come to light corresponds to the battery of Xiaomi 13 According to Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, this will outlast an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

To support this idea, Lei relied on the popular DOU battery life test. With a capacity of 4,500 mAh, the new Xiaomi 13 scores 1.37thus making it one of the best autonomous Android phones on the market considering its internal capacity.

The goal was to get a phone with two days of autonomy, and they didn’t get very far.

The new Xiaomi 13 will be able to guarantee the width, thickness and grip of the phone, and in addition, it will be able to offer excellent battery life. These are roughly the statements that Lei Jun disclosed via his official profile on Weibo, some words that have since taken a lot of surprise. The devices against which this Xiaomi 13 is compared stand out for their monstrous autonomy.

Xiaomi 13 Battery

In fact, as we told you at the beginning of this article, this terminal has managed to surpass others like the iPhone 14 Pro Maxa smartphone that achieves amazing quotas of autonomy and can last almost two days off the charger for many users.

It seems that the blame for this improvement has to do with the high degree of optimization Xiaomi has achieved with the new version of MIUI 14, which promises to completely eliminate all the bloatware we saw in previous updates. fewer native system apps that we can easily uninstall.

Then, In this way, MIUI will be one of the lightest customization layers for Android.and most benefiting from all this will undoubtedly be the autonomy of mobile phones in which it can be installed, and this will improve a priori in all of them.

Of course, We will not be able to judge whether this information is correct until Xiaomi proves what it promised us.but it seems that although the Xiaomi 13 is one of the most compact devices on the market, it will still manage to offer one of the best batteries in Android phones, thanks to both software and battery capacity optimization compared to Android phones. device size.

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