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Microsoft suggests a super application or service application


One app to rule them all, one app to find them, one app to bring them all and bind them in the dark. make it your new favorite. That seems to be what Microsoft thinks with regards to the Redmond’s plans to create what many define as great app which would try to bring together a large part of the company’s services, improving their visibility and integration, something that would benefit the user… but also make some of them more popular.

The main key in this regard lies in the fact that this application of applications, or more precisely, the application of services, would be built around Microsoft Bing, the company’s web browser, which, although it has some quite remarkable aspects and generally offers , a good result (never better said) faces a complete superiority of Google, which, in addition to the approval of the vast majority of users, also maintains some of its enormous share of users in contracts such as the one signed with Apple. default browser on iOS.

So as we can read in The Information, the great app Microsoft intends combine shopping, messaging, web search, news feeds and other services, all proprietary, in a smartphone-centric app with Android and iOS. And as we can read in the mentioned article, it seems that Satya Nadella, the CEO of the company, is behind the mentioned project:

«While it’s unclear whether Microsoft will eventually release such an app, people familiar with the discussions said CEO Satya Nadella has laid the groundwork by pushing the Bing search engine to work better with Microsoft’s other mobile products. For example, it commissioned Bing to integrate with Microsoft Teams and Outlook email applications, making it easier for customers to share search results in messages.»

With this service application, Microsoft would be testing a model already successfully tested by Tencent, which already has a great app which provides access to a large part of its products and services. And it’s a pretty smart strategy, because all users who already use at least one of the company’s services would be much closer to the rest of the ecosystem of Redmond services by downloading and installing this app, and if the integration between them is as smooth as can be expected, it is possible that anyone who downloaded it to use Teams, for example, soon after is also using Bing to search for information consistent with conversations conducted through the app.

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