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This story shows why a pet should not wear airtag as a locator

Knut left the house and was not in the air (Photo: Getty Images)
Knut left the house and was not in the air (Photo: Getty Images)

The Air sign They are small Devices Manzana Which helps to find Keys, car, bag or other thing. Thanks to that Ability to find objectsSome have used them to put on pets, mostly cats, and thus know where they are when they are walking for a long time.

However, some stories show that they are not useful for keeping track of where you went for a walk as they tend to fall in the middle of the road or get stuck in narrow spaces.

The following story is told by a Reddit user It can be dangerous and unfavorable for a pet to put up a walking sign for a walk outside the house.

19 days ago User Helenkeler lives Wrote a post asking for help finding a 7-month-old kitten with an airtight collar. He said the little animal would leave the house through a dog gate and jump over a fence later in the morning.

Photo taken by Apple showing its new AirTag product (Photo: EFE / EPA / APPLE INC)
Photo taken by Apple showing its new AirTag product (Photo: EFE / EPA / APPLE INC)

“We last saw him on our security camera in the morning and strangely we thought he had not returned for breakfast.”

After the first hour of waiting, they reviewed the Airtag information and found that at 9:34 p.m. It was about four blocks away, So they rested, thinking they were going to arrive. However, half an hour passed and according to Airtag, he was still in the same area.

Since it made no sense for the cat to spend half an hour in the same place, the man decided to go to the place marked by the device. There He found something that held his breath for a few seconds.

The necklace was lying in the middle of the street, near the house. With that in mind, he decided to go to a neighbor and ask if he would see his security camera record and leave a number for him if he saw a cat next to him.

Knut Illustrated Photo (Photo / Gettyimages)
Knut Illustrated Photo (Photo / Gettyimages)

He explained that the situation seemed strange to him because “it is very difficult to remove the removable collar, if the cat is not attached to anything, it can be removed by force so that the cat does not get caught where it is stuck”. Out of concern, he continued Print some ads and attach them to the whole area Get information if anyone knows his whereabouts.

Thanks to its fast action The story had a happy ending. A neighbor saw the cat, so he called the owner to find out he had found it a few blocks away. They could not find him on the spot, but a hungry kitten appeared and took him home.

In the aftermath of the incident between the collar and the airtag, a Reddit user said that now Knut will always live in the house to prevent him from going out and avoiding an accident. In this case, An Apple device helped him find out where the pet was, but did not help him find it.

Luckily, the cat either didn’t get stuck in the fence, or someone misused it to steal the device (which costs about $ 39 in stores). For the reasons mentioned here, pets should not wear collars and should choose chip implants or just make sure they never go out alone.

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