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Controversy at Shiba Inu Metaversion: Customer Buys Land to Create Swastika

Controversy over the Nazi symbol in Shiba Inu meta version (Photo: REUTERS / Mike Segar)
Controversy over the Nazi symbol in Shiba Inu meta version (Photo: REUTERS / Mike Segar)

In controversy Metavers To Shiba Inu Then Customers bought virtual land to create a swastika Which was seen from above. However, other users did not allow it to stay that way.

For several years Shiba Inu puppy memeKnown as cheersBecame known and was Inspiration to create cryptocurrencies like Doge Coin and Shiba Inu. Now there is also Metavers or Web 3.0 based on it where you can buy virtual land (Shiba lands), Create NFT (Non-Fungible Token), find entertainment, among other things.

All members of Shiba Inu can buy or sell land When they are available. “As our map will be drawn up, divided into districts and listed on a decentralized blockchain, Shiba Land will hold a pre-sale event! “Shiba Land Developers will release a limited number for sale before Shiba Land officially launches,” the Metavers page says.

(Photo: Shiba Inu)
(Photo: Shiba Inu)

Thus, the platform may not know the intentions of the users when they buy the virtual land or what they will do with it. Therefore, the user will find a “great opportunity” to acquire spaces to give them the shape of a swastika.

The action was neither funny nor acceptable to the Shiba Inu community through them Discord Channel He started protesting and reporting on what was going on in the meta-version and the action.

“I just do not believe that there are people who use maps to do swastikas – what a loser,” said one member of the Nazi symbol.

In addition to the complaints and disagreements shown on Discord, Users quickly bought the surrounding area to turn the swastika into a window.

Thus, the user’s plan, to create a symbol reminiscent of part of the tragedy of World War II, failed.

(Photo: Shiba Inu)
(Photo: Shiba Inu)

For his part, Shiba Inum reported via his Twitter account They do not tolerate hate speech Its platform, including characters, words and actions, so any user or group that performs such action will not be accepted.

“We will not tolerate the use of hate speech, fanaticism or fanaticism (in word, deed, symbolism, etc.) at the discretion of the community moderation group. Any account or individual attempting to harm others is inadmissibleSaid Shiba.

Despite everything that happened, there were users who defended the “painted” symbol and claimed that it was not a Nazi swastika, but a ancestral symbol of the Buddhists. Before Adolf Hitler was adopted and converted to a few degrees, he was used by religious people.

(Photo: Shiba Inu)
(Photo: Shiba Inu)

In any case, users and meta-versions have shown that they do not allow hate speech or any other negative word in society.

Shiba Inum initially started selling 100 thousand virtual lands for sale in the form of NFTs. They are published in stages and will be divided into four zones: Silver, Platinum Tattoo, Diamond teethGolden tailAnd it is estimated that each land has 0.2 etherium (ETH), valued at approximately $ 680.

In the meta version, the current use currency is the cryptocurrency of Etherium to ensure that there is no downside to the native Shiba Inu currencies.

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