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Public, free and decentralized metaversions


Public, free and decentralized metaversions

2023 Artificial Intelligence and Metaverso Research parole. First, we talked extensively, thanks to the new ChatGPT platform. Della Seconda, anche se un po’ di tempo fa, abbiamo trattato le sue origini and le azienda che ci hanno “messolo zampino”. Ma tutto sommato, have you come in search of metaverso? In a democratic democracy, this duty is based on freedom and not under the control of an Asian or a country. This is the purpose of the Linux Foundation and the Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF).

The goal of the Linux Foundation is to create a metaverso pubblico e decentralization based on transparency, inclusivity and innovation.

The Open Metaverse Foundation (OMF) is a new non-profit organization dedicated to creating a public and decentralized metaverse. This project was recently started by the Linux Foundation. The aim is to create a public and decentralized state based on transparency, inclusiveness and innovation. Ciò è is Mark Zuckerberg, who, contrary to Mark Zuckerberg’s plans, invested in the whole ownership idea for the metaversion.

OMF can form the basis for a decentralized company where no company has full control. Potrebbe anche has the potential to increase decentralization. Meta progetto Rispetto has an important pursuit of progress, an aziendale qualified platform and extremely analysis of azionistis. This metaversion freedom is accessible in the best possible way and with non-standalone virtual reality built-in device and device, not only in Meta.

metaverso is deve essere libero and democrat
For now, the metaverse is only “seen” thanks to VR viewfinders and other cutting-edge equipment. Is it possible to access by smartphone alone?

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According to OMF’s official information, the Foundation is currently working with various companies and organizations to make the project successful and bring together various interested parties. However, in standard open source software, often the fee, the space, it’s easier to navigate elsewhere. And even Mark Zuckerberg and Meta aren’t fully progressing. By 2022, the capital market repeating a CEO making unreliable investments in Metaversum. It also correlates with previous reports of dependents without sono molto promettenti.

Well? Often times you’ll just squeeze both versions of the next older metaversion, then OMF has to put in a lot of effort to get close to most of the American stacks. Royal O’Brien, CEO of OMF, confirmed:

Siamo ancora agli ini della visioni di un Metaverso aperto and riconosciamo che molte comunità and fundazioni open source stanno lavorando su pezzi vitali di questo interactive puzzle

. While the challenges may seem discouraging, I am motivated by the opportunity to collaborate with a large global community to bring these pieces together as we make this vision a reality.

And the pigeon is coming?

Through the Open Metaverse Foundation, come si legge, We will work together to discuss, identify and create the founding elements to make the emerging Metaverse concept a reality. . To begin with, eight “Gruppi di interesse della fondazione” (FIG) have been created to address these key questions:

  1. equipment
  2. transactions
  3. digital me
  4. simulations and virtual worlds
  5. artificial intelligence
  6. refusal
  7. security and privacy
  8. justice and politics
virtual universe

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FIG brings together a memory of specific disciplines that concern very advanced projects or technologies that can scale entire areas of interest. Oltre expressly warrants ownership of progetto’s code. Perché, on the other hand, it is possible not to write empty and open source code.

Do metaverso and così matter?

Ci sono molte ragioni per cui metaverse can be considered important.

  1. entertainment: providing an immersive gaming experience that allows players to enter the virtual world and interact with other players in a new and engaging way;
  2. Region: You can use it regardless of geographic location, allowing the least efficient way of working for virtual environments.
  3. Education: Can be used as the basis for creating an immersive environment, let students explore and interact with content in new and engaging mode;
  4. communication: accept all contacts and interaction people in a completely different mode, create new opportunities for socialization and community building;
  5. commercial: The main use for any kindergarten in virtual shopping environments where consumers can interact with products and brands in a new and interesting way.

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