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Most ’emerging’ professions announced in Turkey (software requirement)

LinkedIn over the past five years 15 Fastest Growing Professions in Turkey shared. The data is golden, especially for those who want to find a new direction in their career and who are still planning to build a career.

According to LinkedIn 2023 Emerging Jobs data, the fastest growing job in the past 5 years, game designer it happened. We have collected the data shared by LinkedIn for you as follows:

The 15 fastest growing professions in the past 5 years:

  • #1: Game Designer
  • #2: Blockchain developer
  • #3: Growth Expert
  • #4: Expert in customer success
  • #5: Game Artist
  • #6: AI engineer
  • #7: Game developer
  • #8: Patient Relations Officer
  • #9: Concept Artist
  • #10: Software quality assurance engineer
  • #11: Robotics Engineer
  • #12: Data Engineer
  • #13: Backend Developer
  • #14: 3D Modeling Expert
  • #15: Product owner

#1: Game Designer

game designer

What does it do?: It creates various elements such as plot, characters and visual designs in games.

#2: Blockchain developer

Blockchain developer

What does it do?: It develops tools such as cryptocurrencies and smart contracts, creates software based on blockchain technology.

#3: Growth Expert

growth specialist

What does it do?: Collaborates with marketing and product development teams and identifies new market and customer opportunities to help grow the business it serves and increase sales.

#4: Expert in customer success

specialist in customer success

What does it do?: It provides support and assistance to the customer through communication channels to ensure that the customer takes full advantage of the purchased product or service and has the best experience.

#5: Game Artist

game artist

What does it do?: It works with designers and developers to create elements such as spaces and characters in games using design techniques such as 3D modeling and illustration.

#6: AI engineer

artificial intelligence engineer

What does it do?: It is responsible for developing the systems needed to make machines work just like a human brain.

#7: Game developer

game developer

What does it do?: He is responsible for decoding the designed game to make it the best it can be, taking into account the technical requirements and what platform a game will be on.

#8: Patient Relations Officer

patient relations officer

What does it do?: It helps manage patient health and treatment needs, mediates issues between the patient and the healthcare facility, and is responsible for customer satisfaction.

#9: Concept Artist

concept artist

What does it do?: It creates what the ideas that will take place in a project will look like.

#10: Software quality assurance engineer

software quality assurance engineer

What does it do?: It examines every step of the software development process to ensure that the software developed meets predetermined standards and is responsible for the health of the software.

#11: Robotics Engineer

robotics engineer

What does it do?: Responsible for the design, development and configuration of robots and robotic systems.

#12: Data engineer

data engineer

What does it do?: It designs, builds, integrates and manages data from different sources; creates a data infrastructure, develops ways to host data in the most appropriate and efficient way.

#13: Backend Developer

backend developer

What does it do?: It builds the backend of software projects through programming languages.

#14: 3D Modeling Expert

Specialist in 3D modelling

What does it do?: They are artists who create three-dimensional model designs. It shows itself in every field, from games to advertising projects.

#15: Product owner

Product owner

What does it do?: To maximize the value of a product, he is responsible for tasks such as designing, developing, launching, monitoring and researching new solutions to serve the product.

What does LinkedIn data tell us?

Data collected by LinkedIn based on job vacancies, especially in our country increasing interest in the gaming industry and points to the development of the working population in this sector. At the same time, we see that there is a great need in the software industry.

How was the data obtained?

The data shared by LinkedIn shows that members started on the platform between January 1, 2018 and July 31, 2022. by reviewing new features compiled. Occupation growth rates were calculated from these posts by researchers at Economic Charts.

Source: Web Tekno



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