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Build your Xiaomi mobile the way you want it: This is the Dream 2.0 project that tells you how much your ideal smartphone will cost No comments

Surely at some point you thought about what would be the ideal smartphone for you. Every user has a personal taste about the size of the screen, the cameras or any other element of the phone, but unfortunately We can’t make a phone that fits everyone.. But even if we can’t build it, we can imagine it, or at least Xiaomi thinks so.

And this Chinese firm just presented Dream 2.0 project in Russia (yes, it’s only available there at the moment)and its purpose is a configurator whose purpose is for the user to understand the technical complexities of the current mobile phones, discover some technologies that they do not know and even design their dream smartphone according to their liking.

Everything from screen size to processor is fully configurable

An important point to note is that this service is currently It is available only in Russia, given the large number of users requesting its use. therefore, we will probably have to wait a few months before we can enjoy it in the rest of the countries.

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And the truth is, it’s a really interesting project, given the degree of customization we can do with each element of the smartphone, because in each part we can choose exactly what we want. from what processor it will equip to what its battery will be, going through the size of the screenlocation of fingerprint sensor, amount of memory, quality of its cameras etc.

After selecting all the components we will finally have a virtual assembly where we can get an idea of ​​what it will look like, The estimated cost of the product will be provided to us we can even discover the most similar phone from the catalog of the Chinese company according to the phone we choose.

The truth is, we think it’s a great attempt to get a much more detailed insight into this. What are the problems faced by brands while producing mobile phones?. Hopefully we will be able to test this configurator in the near future and we will be waiting for any announcement from Xiaomi regarding this to the Global market.

via | XiaomiToday

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