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How to find an Android cell phone without internet or mobile data

Google is working to improve the location function of devices by helping them connect with the people around them. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

One of the functions safety with which mobile devices that use the operating system Android There is an opportunity placement The telephones and other compatible equipment of people through the geolocation system. However, this function Received an update that allows a mobile phone to be found even if it is not connected to a mobile data network or Wow.

This is a special feature and which at the moment has not reached all devices that have it operating system, consists of link The phone was quickly lost by others devices which are close to the relative location of the mobile phone. A progressive record of the location of each of these additional devices is kept in a tracking without active use data mobile.

The function that comes with the tool is called Play Protect Stores information on these other devices in an encrypted form so that other people’s privacy is not affected, as long as the owner of the device telephone which was stolen or lost looking for it.

The function of finding devices in Android mobile phones. (chataka)

However, tracking cellphones Using this method will not be a feature that is enabled by default system, rather users must choose to enable it to start the monitoring process. When it starts, a notification will be issued screen About device: “The owner can see the location of this device to find bags or keys.”

function improvement location The device will also be used to locate other electronic accessories such as HeadphonesIn addition to mobile phones and tablets that are connected to the main device, even when there is no network access Ვi – fai, Open or private, and nearby devices collaborate to update information. location.

How to use the “Find My Device” feature.

According to the support website GoogleUsers can activate the basic device location feature, which can be accessed by mobile phones that support it function. If users have a device pixel from GoogleThey will only have to apply setup o Settings, click on the Security option, and then, in the “Find my device” section, activate the feature.

The function of finding devices in Android mobile phones. (chataka)

If people don’t have this type of mobile phone, “Find My Device” is an app that can be found in the Play Store and once installed, it can be activated to start location.

devices Android Can use the suggested tracking tool Google. You must have an active and open account for this. Then, go to Google’s Find My Device site and select the device you want to locate, a map will appear with the device’s current location. deviceModel, charge level and you will have three options.

The first is to “play sound” so that the phone rings for 5 minutes until it is found, regardless of whether it is on silent or not. The second is “lock device” with the ability to display a to sign out of the Google account message or number screen of the device (you can request to call another number). The last option is “wipe device data”, which will erase all the contents of the device, in which case you will no longer be able to find it.

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