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Nvidia describes AI as a threat to humanity

Jensen Huang, CEO of technology company Nvidia, said that the field of artificial intelligence is developing extremely quickly and uncontrollably, and this may threaten the security of humanity. This was reported by the Reuters agency.

“Remember, if you take a step back and think about all the things in life that are appropriate, useful, or good for society, these also involve potential harm.”– pointed out Huang.

According to him, developers will create powerful tools based on artificial intelligence, and it is necessary to ensure the creation of legal regulation and compliance with social norms that have not yet been formed.

“Everything is improving right now. The fact that we’re all talking about it puts us in a better position.” – a confident head of the company.

Huang has great influence in the artificial intelligence industry as Nvidia chips continue to be used in computers and other devices.

Source: Port Altele



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