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No, this is not your link: Spotify is down worldwide [Actualizado] No comment

No, this is not your link: Spotify is down worldwide [Actualizado]   

 No comment

Update (01/26/23 21:27): Spotify is working properly again. However, the company did not provide further details about what happened.

Popular music streaming platform Spotify crashing all over the world. When trying to play any type of content, the app gives the message “Something didn’t go as it should”.

In other tests, as we can see in the screenshot, playlists, search box, browsing window and all other elements of Spotify do not load properly.

Spotify is down and not working

The drop not only affects Spotify apps on different platforms, it also infects the online player. The open.spotify.com/ site, which allows you to consume content from the browser, also does not work.

According to Downdetector, multiple reference web pages to know the status of different services fed with user information. 35,000 people They reported bugs in the Spotify app.

The company, on its own behalf, used his Twitter account to acknowledge the problemAlthough he did not elaborate on his origin: “Something is not quite right and we are investigating it. Thank you for your reports.”

As we said, the technical details of the decline experienced by the streaming music giant this Thursday are not known for now. The problem may be due to malfunctions in their systems or any of their partners.

Some of Spotify’s cloud infrastructure has been connected to Google Cloud since 2016. However, there is no problem in the regions where the service in question operates on the status page.

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