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Unemployment insurance: how to consult online


Unemployment insurance was created by the government so as not to leave unfairly dismissed workers without help.

The text below will tell you how to get benefits and whether you are eligible.

Calculated on the basis of the last three wages received by the employee, this benefit is designed to help the citizen in the period immediately after his dismissal – if it was not done for a good reason.

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Who is eligible for unemployment insurance?

Insurance is a right guaranteed to all employees through the CLT (Labor Code) if they are fired without good cause and the amount is calculated based on their hours of work.

An employee can receive from three to five monthly subsidies (depending on working hours). Unemployment insurance can be triggered by the following categories:

  • An employee, including a domestic worker, is dismissed without good cause or by indirect dismissal (when the employer commits a serious misconduct against the employee);
  • Workers with a suspended contract for participation in a professional qualification program;
  • Professional fisherman in the closed season;
  • The worker is saved from a condition analogous to slavery.

How to apply for unemployment insurance online?

The application can be made in person or online, at Caixa Econômica Federal and Poupatempo or through the Emprega Brasil website respectively. The following documents are required:

  • Citizen’s card with a registered password;
  • RG;
  • KPF;
  • NIS number (written in the work card).

Official employees can apply for unemployment insurance between 7 and 120 days after the date of termination; domestic workers can start the process between 7 and 90 days after they leave. Ordering online, via the Caixa Econômica Federal website or the Caixa Trabalhador app makes your life easier by avoiding queues. Check below how to consult your allowance online.

On a PC, via the Caixa Econômica Federal website, follow these steps:

Continuation after commercial

  • Open the Benefits and Programs tab;
  • Click on the option “Seguro-unemployment”;
  • After that, click “Check payment”;
  • Login using your CPF, NIS or email;
  • If you are not registered, click “Register/Forgot Password” and enter your details;
  • Click “Consult Your Benefit” when you sign in.

In the app, do the following:

  • Download the Caixa Trabalhador app on your smartphone (Android and iOS);
  • Open the app and click “Access”;
  • Login with NIS number;
  • In the “Consultations” tab, click on “Seguro-unemployment”.

By following step by step, either through the website or through the app, it will be possible to follow the approval of benefits, the amount of contributions and the date of the deposit for unemployment insurance.

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Source: Caixa Economica Federal.


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